Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[link up] two truths and a lie

I am so excited for this link up!  not neccessarily for my role in it (I'm struggling big time to come up with stuff!) but to read what everyone else put!  spending my entire tuesday evening reading everyones posts and watching the new episode of the walking dead.
alright, basically you have to come up with 2 truths and 1 lie and see if people can figure out which is which.
make sure to check out the hosts, sar, jena, lo and alexa!
alright here goes nothing.

I hate board games.

I broke my toe falling down stairs.

 the cat I have isn't the one I was supposed to get.

wanna know which one I lied about??

if you guessed this on you were right!  I love board games.

yup, hurt like a bitch.  I was home alone and luke was on his way to pick me up just as I fell.  I hobbled out to the car crying.  I've probably fallen down stairs 3-4 times.  not my forte.

this one was actually true!  I picked out the kitty I wanted when he was just a couple weeks old and when I went back to get him it broke my heart because he was too attached to his momma.  so I got the guy I have now who was actually really attached to me so it worked out perfect!

did you guess right?


Life By Lex said...

This is So cute! and a great way to learn about you!

Katrin said...

I guessed right. :) I don't know why. This is a cool game!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I was wrong! I was going to guess that you never broke your toe.