Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[link up] little letters

I may be extremely late or extremely early to this link up.  not exactly sure if it's a wednesday or a thursday thing but here I am!

I've never linked up here before but emily's blog is too amazing not to link up!

without further ado let's jump right in with some little letters :)

dear windshield thank you SO much for not being a real chip and only needing to be rubbed out (whatever the heck that means).
dear tiny pebbles I hate you and would appreciate it if you never flung yourself against my windshield again.
dear random thursday thank you so much for being my favourite post of the week but could you please make yourself a little easier to write!  such writers block when it comes to you this week.
dear sleepiness please go away.  I think I get a super good sleep and then I'm crashing by 10 am.  this needs to stop.
dear upcoming weekend please rock!  I'm planning for a friends filled weekend and you are much much overdue.

that's it, I think I might have to make this link up a weekly routine!  such a great idea to ramble for a bit and you all know how much I like to ramble :)

happy wednesday!

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Lin said...

Never heard of Emily's blog before but now that I've seen it it's totally making me wish I had her fashion sense.

It usually takes me the whole week just to come up with a fraction of a post for RT haha. Seems easy, given the fact we have a set topic, but its not.