Monday, February 25, 2013

[link up] 10 on tuesday

holy crap it has been far too long since I've linked up with linny and amber for 10 on tuesday!

thank you wonderful ladies for hosting a kick ass link up where I can ramble ten times!

I am addicted to plants vs zombies. yes I am talking about that ridiculous app that came out months and months ago that I thought was the dumbest thing around. can't. stop. playing.
it's killing me to be writing this post and not playing.

my niece rocks. she's hilarious and cute and I seriously cannot get enough of her! check out my vine (username - meaghanmecrazy5) for the cutest gifs of her.

speaking of vine I am kind of obsessed with it on Sundays. last Sunday I think I uploaded 13 times. mostly of my cat fyi and this weekend I did around 8. if you want to follow me around all day follow me on vine!

last one about vine. if you use it often let me know your username! I'm following a bunch of people now but I want more awesome people to follow.

went to watch my dad coach a basketball game tonight. makes me miss the game like crazy! I've also realized that I am a crazy lady when I watch. I have to refrain myself from standing up and screaming at the refs.

my sis, bro and I went. he ignored us because we aren't fit to be in public together.

I recorded a coffee date vlog last Friday but I never uploaded it because I am such a chicken! I'm 90% sure I'm going to do it this week though. Alissa seems like such a cool chick and I love the idea of that link up!
have you ever linked up?
check out her blog and tell her how awesome she is!

do you watch switched at birth?
I may have watched 18 (no joke!) episodes this weekend. I've always wanted to learn to sign? anyone know how?
I had an ALS dictionary when I was younger but I obviously only learned the bad words...

pretty stoked about getting free coats from work. free stuff rocks.

[9] & [10]

nuff said.

happy tuesday!


Katrin said...

I would love to see your vlog!I love them! I know, I never made one myself but hopefully I will someday. I am just a little scared...

Tamara said...

Plants vs Zombies is so fucking addicting, it's unreal. I became less of a mother for like a period of 2 months because of it, and I am not ashamed. I would literally bring it in the bathroom with me while I peed just to get in a game or two. Haha.

I'm recovering addict now, but I can feel myself trying to get back in its good graces now that I'm typing about it.

Damn you Meg, DAMN YOU!

Lin said...

1. My god-daughter loves that game.
3. Sounds totally stalker-esque to do that. *rushed to check your vine account*
4. Dont have an iPhone & dont think that thing's on the Android yet :(
5. Fun times. Cute picture.
6. Never heard of it or her. I'll have to check it out though. Also, your last vlog for RT was hilarious so stop chickening out.
7. Love this show! I learned the alphabet in like 3rd grade but honestly couldnt tell you one letter I remember. I'm old.
8. Coats? Lucky duck. How about you send me some. *bats eyelashes*
10. Fuck. Yes. I hate it when people do that.

Martha Hokenson said...

I love that cat pic! My baby kitty does this all the time.

Unknown said...

I totally dig plants vs. zombies. So much, in fact, that I don't play it because I never stop. Haha. Have you seen all the cute shit that Kohls has, like Plants vs Zombies shirts, bedding, etc?

Your blog is rad, I found you on the hop. Nice to meet ya!