Thursday, February 14, 2013

[help] - random acts of kindness

if you follow me on twitter you may have seen my tweet asking for some help on ideas for random acts of kindness. people (bloggers) are always doing cool ideas for their birthdays and I thought I could do 24 random acts of kindness in the month of march up until my birth day (25th).

but lo and behold coming up with 24 ideas is hard! I'm up to 15 now though so that's not bad. I would love to hear any ideas you might have, let me know in the comments below!


Amy @ Living n Learning said...

I tweeted ya what I came up with so far. If I come up with more then I will definitely let ya know.

Paying for someone in the drive thru behind you should be pretty easy with your coffee purchases..unless you don't go through a drive thru...?

Life By Lex said...

Leaving change taped to the vending machine (or pop machine). Giving the homeless a $10 bill. Taking someones grocery cart back to the cart return for them.

Tamara said...

Cut out coupons and leave in the grocery store, book store, where ever.

Leave nice notes on random cars 'Hope you have a great day' kind of thing.

Compliment a complete stranger on their outfit, or smile, just whatever stands out to you.

Donate clothes.
Bring flowers to a nursing home.
Bake cookies for your co-workers.

Nicola Kirsty said...

I always think posting handwritten notes to friends and family is a nice thing to do. I mean, who doesn't love post which isn't bills?!