Monday, February 4, 2013

10 on tuesday

I haven't linked up for 10 on tuesday for wayyyyy too long.

I need this weather to eff off. I'm sick of snow, I'm sick of cold, I'm sick of getting stuck. and I'm sick of being scared I'm about to get stuck.

I can't wait for my own bed. I came in to my sisters sunday because I knew it was going to storm. I did not know it was going to last two days. I love staying at my sisters but hate not being prepared for it!

I'm rewatching last weeks Big Bang where Sheldon tells that guy with the lisp that he is sleeping with Amy. best. show. ever.

I miss Luke. ya two days is nothing for a lot of people but it still sucks. and he won't be home tomorrow evening so I won't really see him until he gets home around midnight.

I can't believe I'm only on #5.

did you sign up for the random thursday newsletter yet? it just went out today and I pretty much piss my pants every week at how funny it is.

the walking dead starts soon and they made an app where you can zombie yourself. it's terrifying.

speaking of shows. big brother Canada (first season ever!) is airing the end of February and I cannot freaking wait. unreal show and having Canadians will be awesome. I hope they don't make us look like huge hicks though.

I'm obsessed with my newcar. like majorly. I just want to drive it all the time. another reason I think this blizzard is pissing me off so much.

I need a new book to read. and by read I mean listen to. audiobook style. I love the morning radio show but they suck when it comes time to go home so I'd love to have a good book to listen to on the way home. any suggestions?

did you link up for 10 on tuesday? happy tuesday!


Caitlin Cavallaro said...

HATTTTEEEE the snow. Love your new car, but I love your zombie walking dead picture EVEN more!

Micah said...

My favorite audiobooks have been Tina Fey's "Bossypants" and Betty White's autobiography. I also liked Jessica Park's "Flat Out Love." :)

Unknown said...

1. Snow sucks. I live in CO and our snow just stays around for freakin ever!

2. I'm a bed snob. I love my bed and hate traveling because I can't sleep in my bed.

5. That's how I feel every week. I'm like "Surely I'm almost done. Oh, number 3...not quite"

7. That app is awesome!

10. I fall asleep to audiobooks haha

Tamara said...

You as a zombie, scary as fuck! Lol.

Katrin said...

You would be an awesome zombie!
And I had to laugh so much when I watched the last Big Bang theory episode. Sheldon is hilarious! I love that show so much!

Lin said...

1. The cold sucks balls. Having said that, it was 72 degrees today & I'm wishing for rain.
2. There's nothing better than your own bed. You know, other than Marriott beds cause those fuckers are like made out of comfy clouds.
3. Still havent seen that show. I should probably get on that.
4. Awe, that's so cute. Know what you mean though.
5. Haha, it's tough sometimes.
6. *takes a bow* You're welcome for the giggles.
7. Ack! Scary shit.
9. Ooh la la, very nice.
10. Sorry sweets, I got nothin for this one. My husband's always wanted audio books though. Guess that's just another thing I should get on haha.

Thanks for linking up sweet!

Abbey said...

Some of my favorites on audio have been The Scorpio Races, The Book Thief and Chime. :)

Unknown said...

that zombie app is terrifying... but i can't wait for the walking dead to return!