Thursday, February 28, 2013

[random thursday] if I was queen for a day...

welcome back to random thursday!

this weeks lovely topic is...


let's be honest, if I was queen for a day I would pass a law that said I was queen everyday but I think that's breaking some sort of rule.
don't hate but I am going to make this an extremely selfish post.  I'm sorry

if I was queen for a day... I would buy a whole whack of shit.  yup I'm being selfish here for a second. I would pay off my car, my sisters and brothers and dads and buy myself a beautiful house.  alright, I'll try to spread the love.

if I was queen for a day... I would pimp out my town.  new amazing rink, new amazing school, better gym, outdoor crap, the whole nine yards.  this place rocks.  we are surrounded by water, everything is beautiful but we could step up our infrastructure.

if I was queen for a day... I would through out some ideas for a couple new laws.  such as no jammies at walmart,  if you drive 10 under the speed limit on a beautiful day the car behind you is allowed to ram into you AND workplaces should offer free lunch.  always.  I forgot to bring my lunch a couple times this week and it sucked.

is I was queen for a day... I would make wine dirt cheap.  and it would have to stay dirt cheap forever.  but I wouldn't want the wine makers to not make any money so there would be some sort of loop hole that they still made the same amount of mulah but I got to pay less.
how would that work you ask?  beats me, ask my minions.

alright ladies that's all I can think of! what would you do if you were queen for a day?
let us know and link up below!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[link up] little letters

I may be extremely late or extremely early to this link up.  not exactly sure if it's a wednesday or a thursday thing but here I am!

I've never linked up here before but emily's blog is too amazing not to link up!

without further ado let's jump right in with some little letters :)

dear windshield thank you SO much for not being a real chip and only needing to be rubbed out (whatever the heck that means).
dear tiny pebbles I hate you and would appreciate it if you never flung yourself against my windshield again.
dear random thursday thank you so much for being my favourite post of the week but could you please make yourself a little easier to write!  such writers block when it comes to you this week.
dear sleepiness please go away.  I think I get a super good sleep and then I'm crashing by 10 am.  this needs to stop.
dear upcoming weekend please rock!  I'm planning for a friends filled weekend and you are much much overdue.

that's it, I think I might have to make this link up a weekly routine!  such a great idea to ramble for a bit and you all know how much I like to ramble :)

happy wednesday!

Monday, February 25, 2013

[link up] 10 on tuesday

holy crap it has been far too long since I've linked up with linny and amber for 10 on tuesday!

thank you wonderful ladies for hosting a kick ass link up where I can ramble ten times!

I am addicted to plants vs zombies. yes I am talking about that ridiculous app that came out months and months ago that I thought was the dumbest thing around. can't. stop. playing.
it's killing me to be writing this post and not playing.

my niece rocks. she's hilarious and cute and I seriously cannot get enough of her! check out my vine (username - meaghanmecrazy5) for the cutest gifs of her.

speaking of vine I am kind of obsessed with it on Sundays. last Sunday I think I uploaded 13 times. mostly of my cat fyi and this weekend I did around 8. if you want to follow me around all day follow me on vine!

last one about vine. if you use it often let me know your username! I'm following a bunch of people now but I want more awesome people to follow.

went to watch my dad coach a basketball game tonight. makes me miss the game like crazy! I've also realized that I am a crazy lady when I watch. I have to refrain myself from standing up and screaming at the refs.

my sis, bro and I went. he ignored us because we aren't fit to be in public together.

I recorded a coffee date vlog last Friday but I never uploaded it because I am such a chicken! I'm 90% sure I'm going to do it this week though. Alissa seems like such a cool chick and I love the idea of that link up!
have you ever linked up?
check out her blog and tell her how awesome she is!

do you watch switched at birth?
I may have watched 18 (no joke!) episodes this weekend. I've always wanted to learn to sign? anyone know how?
I had an ALS dictionary when I was younger but I obviously only learned the bad words...

pretty stoked about getting free coats from work. free stuff rocks.

[9] & [10]

nuff said.

happy tuesday!

Friday, February 22, 2013

[love] hey amber nicole

I'm obsessed with you guys.  I'm sorry!  I just noticed that I have over 160 followers and that makes me a very happy girl.  I think my favourite part of the day is checking my phone at lunch or after work when I haven't seen it all day and getting to read your comments and tweets!

another favourite thing?  is that people are actually interested in advertising on my little spot!  

annnndddd my very first ever advertiser is the awesome amber!!

first of all.  this chick rocks and I've been reading her blog for awhile now.  I think I found her through 10 on Tuesday (which she now hosts!!).  AND she's holding underwear in her picture.  I have no idea why I found that so amusing but I just thought it was hilarious!

want to know some randomness about her??

she's a lefty which makes her extra special.  my boss is a lefty and I swear it throws me off every time I pass him a pen.  weird, I know.

she got a passport awhile back to try and give herself a kick to travel and she's never used it!!  any suggestions on your favourite destinations?

she would love to live in LA.  sigh.  me too.  so frigging bad.  sun all day every day!? yes please!!

annnnd the best random fact about her?  she has an 8 year old son who she considers her best friend.  yes, we can all say aww together.  not only is she an awesome blogger but she's an awesome mom too.

alright alright alright I'll get my head out of amber's ass!  if you only have time to do one thing today CHECK HER OUT!!

if you are interested on you're meaghan me crazy go here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

[random thursday] ridiculous fears

I dare you to link up with em, lin and I.  all the cool kids are doing it!

as soon as I got the random thursday newsletter I couldn't believe the topic this week! I was actually just thinking of some ridiculous fears the other day.

first of all, the one I've had my whole life is people touching my neck.  I cannot stand it and it drives me nuts.  it's not like I think people are going to choke me to death or anything I just don't like it.  I think growing up I just always hated it and now it's grown into a personal space thing.  some people have zero personal space and love being close and touchy.  me?  complete opposite.  I'm surrounded by my personal bubble and you are not invited in.  sorry.

another that I think started after Katie was born is choking.  every since that little fart was born I always got anxiety when she ate.  any coughing at all and I was sure she was a goner.  I know ridiculous.
even now that she has teeth and knows what she's doing I hate watching her eat.

and it's not even just with her.  I had a dream my sister choked and I was trying to dig out the food and just kept pushing it down.  like seriously what's wrong with me.

a lady I used to work with choked on roast beef one day at work, like legit couldn't breath for a second and had to reach down her throat and pull it out.  terrified the fuck out of me.  just happened so quick!

another is getting in a car accident.  I am a ridiculously nervous driver.  any amount of snow on the road and I get panicky.  I am getting better with this with having to drive back and forth to work in shitty ass weather though.  I'm starting to realize that it will take a lot to go off the road.

and it's stupid because I hate driving but I hate when other people drive me in bad weather too.  I'm sure Lukas has wanted to kill me a hundred times before.  I'm that passenger that will gasp, grab onto the door or make comments about his speed.  I'm thankful he puts up with me.

tell me your ridiculous fears and link up!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[advertise] with meaghan me crazy!

have you seen my new advertise section!?

I would LOVE to have you on my sidebar. this blog is my favourite place to be myself, talk about whatever I want to, and show people who I really am. and having awesome people on the side would make it even better!

I'm currently offering two options for advertising but if there is something else you would be interested in, let me know!!

see below for what you can get!

happy tuesday!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[link up] two truths and a lie

I am so excited for this link up!  not neccessarily for my role in it (I'm struggling big time to come up with stuff!) but to read what everyone else put!  spending my entire tuesday evening reading everyones posts and watching the new episode of the walking dead.
alright, basically you have to come up with 2 truths and 1 lie and see if people can figure out which is which.
make sure to check out the hosts, sar, jena, lo and alexa!
alright here goes nothing.

I hate board games.

I broke my toe falling down stairs.

 the cat I have isn't the one I was supposed to get.

wanna know which one I lied about??

if you guessed this on you were right!  I love board games.

yup, hurt like a bitch.  I was home alone and luke was on his way to pick me up just as I fell.  I hobbled out to the car crying.  I've probably fallen down stairs 3-4 times.  not my forte.

this one was actually true!  I picked out the kitty I wanted when he was just a couple weeks old and when I went back to get him it broke my heart because he was too attached to his momma.  so I got the guy I have now who was actually really attached to me so it worked out perfect!

did you guess right?

Monday, February 18, 2013

[girl talk] birth control

I've been on birth control since I was in grade 9, that's 10 freakin years.  and I have yet to get it right.  I've been on about 5 different brands of the pill but none of them were ever perfect for me.
the generic brand killed my stomach, not in a cramp way but in a way that felt like my stomach lining was coming off.  and the others just somewhat of the same.

and no, I didn't start the pill because I didn't want to get pregnant in grade 9.  I started because I get cramps like a crazy lady.  I'm serious.  once a month I'm curled up in the fetal position wishing I didn't have a uterus.  or ovaries or whatever it is that hurts.
obviously I don't actually wish this.  I want my baby making parts for when the times right.

this leads me to my latest venture!  the birth control patch!  a 2 inch x 2 inch really attractive patch I get to wear for a week at a time for 3 weeks on 1 week off.

why is it that when it comes to tampons or birth control marketing teams we just want to dance?  seriously, watch a tampon commercial and everybody is playing sports, swimming or dancing their asses off.

has anyone ever used this patch?  I'm liking the convenience so far but the first few days after I first put it on I felt nauseous and the cramps were almost unbearable.  I'm hoping once my body gets use to it that will stop.  

let me know what you do if you get really bad cramps?  I'd love some advice!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

[money] how to start a budget

so as you all know I just bought a brand spankin new car and now I am the lucky new owner of a car payment and higher insurance, woot woot!!!

with these great new payments comes a very high neccessity to save mulah.  I had heard about the envelope method where you allocate a certain amount of money to each envelope for however long you decide and once that moneys gone its gone.  

but.  I'm not a cash person.  I hardly ever use it so I decided to create a spreadsheet where I could keep track of how much I'm spending on what.  

I knew I needed something portable so I found a spreadsheet app I could put on my ipad and iphone, figured out a layout I liked and this is what I got!

*tip* I did this on my laptop and then am going to import it onto my ipad.  just easier there.

also, I made a bunch of different tabs and named them the dates that I get paid.  I find that really helpful for monthly payments (rent and insurance) and knowing that I have another pay coming up within the last few days of the month enables me to relax a bit.

want this file? download it here!

here's to hoping I can stay on track!

[food bit] make squash soup

this is honestly the best soup ever. it's so delicious I may be obsessed with it. and since the weather has been so shitty in my neck of the woods I actually crave noon time when I can go eat it.

I'm not the best at writing or explaining recipes but I will do my best!
one butternut squash (obviously the size depends on the amount of soup you get)
3-4 onions
3 leeks
2-3 carrots (depending on your preference)
box of chicken broth
little bit of olive oil

first, heat oven to 350 and slice the squash in half lengthwise. good luck with that, worst part ever and apparently I'm not strong.
clean out the seeds.

drizzle some olive oil on a baking sheet and place the two halves face down on the sheet. peel the carrots and throw them on too.

chuck it in the oven for about an hour or until you can easily pierce the squash with a fork.
start chopping! chop up the onions, leeks, and celery and don't worry about being perfect or too small or too big, your blending it anyways. leeks seriously make this soup.

chuck everything in pot with a little bit of olive oil and let it sauté while the squash is cooking on low heat. stir every 10-15 minutes.

once you can pierce the squash (mine took an hour) take it out and scrape out all that orange goodness.

this is where I kind of forgot to take anymore pictures until the end. scrape everything, throw it in the pot, start blending, and slowly add chicken broth until you get the consistency that you want.
I liked mine a little bit chunky but also soupy, if that make any sense! I added almost the whole box of chicken broth and blending for about 5 minutes.
best part? I got seven 2 cup servings and it cost less than 20 bucks!

let me know if you've ever made squash soup and if you do it any differently! I'd love to add a few more things and see what it's like but I love this so much I don't want to mess it up!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

[help] - random acts of kindness

if you follow me on twitter you may have seen my tweet asking for some help on ideas for random acts of kindness. people (bloggers) are always doing cool ideas for their birthdays and I thought I could do 24 random acts of kindness in the month of march up until my birth day (25th).

but lo and behold coming up with 24 ideas is hard! I'm up to 15 now though so that's not bad. I would love to hear any ideas you might have, let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[best of] youtube music

watch this video, it's SOOOO good!!

I'm obsessed! every single person in this video is amazing.  check out their channels

Monday, February 11, 2013

a dolla makes me holla

how pumped am I right now?  pretty frigging pumped.
the other day I got an email from the lovely Angela from CampusBookRentals asking if I wanted to do a post about their site.  seeing as I just graduated I thought this opportunity was perfect!

now.  let me get this straight right off the bat.  I did not love school.  in fact, 90% of the time I hated it.  I am in no way, shape, or form an academic and I could not wait for that shit to be over.  I even took four courses during one summer so I could graduate early.  

my least favourite part?  buying those damn books.  first of all the university expects me to shell out thousands of dollars a semester just to listen to some guy lecture me about numbers and then they tell me that as a requirement to the course I have to spend $350 on a book that I am only going to use for four months!?  

bull shit.

that's where CampusBookRentals comes into play.  basically you go to their site, search for your book and buy it.  they will even deliver the next day for most!
currently only serving the US, lets beg them to come to Canada!

here's the gist:
-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-receive free shipping both ways
-you can highlight in the textbooks
-they have flexible renting periods
-they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented (which I think is the best part!)

AND what's even better?  they started this thing called RentBack.  basically you send your books to them (free shipping), they find someone who wants them, rents them to that person, and do all the hard work for you!  I have a tub full of brand new books I could have resold!  take all the hard work out of trying to find someone to buy it off you.

easy peasy lemon squeezy.  check them out!

this is a sponsored post written completely by me.  all opinions are 100% mine and I only wish I knew about this site when I was in school!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

[random thursday] - last 5 frivolous purchases

woo it's thursday again!  and we all know what that means!!

pour yourself a beverage, grab the button and tell me about your... 

I've actually been trying to be really stingy with my money because I'm not feeling like I'm saving any, but let's jump right in.


I'm going to go for the most obvious one first, annndd it's not really that frivolous because I really needed it but I think it should be included!

my car.  

considering it's the most expensive thing I ever bought, it should be included.


does coffee count? I usually buy a coffee every afternoon so that's kind of frivolous right?


the beauty that I am typing on right now I suppose could fall into the frivolous category but considering I use it 8 million times a day I consider it to be a very valuable investment. my iPad of course!


blistex. exciting I know. my lips have been crazy dry and chapped lately so blistex is my lifesaver.
*side note* any lip chaps you can't live without? let me know!


lastly, I would have to say the ingredients to make the most delicious cake pops ever which I sadly did not even take one picture of. I tweeted that I was making them and snapped a pic of my cake pop maker but that was the end of it.
*another side note* how in the hell do you get the sticks to stay in the cake pops when you dip them in chocolate!? mine ALWAYS go through or the cake comes off or the chocolate is too thick or something! any suggestions here would be amazing.
tell me your last 5 frivolous purchases and link up!!

sunday social

I hate being a girl.  once a month I fucking despise it.  today is that day.  and you'd think that there would be a hot water bottle somewheres in this house wouldn't you?  an old lady lives here!  nope.  no luck.  I am improvising with a hot dish cloth resting on the uterus I wish didn't exist in this moment.

alright, I'll stop being dramatic.  lets do another sunday social with neely and ashley!

Sunday Social

What was your first car?
the first car I ever 'owned' was a 2000 Acura.  I put owned in quotations because technically it was my parents but it turned into mine.  want to see the first car I ever bought on my own!?  she's a beauty.

Who was your favorite childhood teacher?
I'm not sure if I had one?  I really liked my grade nine home room teacher because you could get away with almost anything.

Were you involved in any sports/extracurricular activities? Share pictures if you can!
I played every sport I was half decent at.  basketball was my favourite, played provincial from like grade 7-12 and got to go to Canada Games which was pretty unreal.
I unfortunately have no pictures of this on my computer.

volleyball would have been a close second.  it was just what I did when ball was out of season but there was no pressure in it and I was pretty good (being tall helps).  badminton, softball, and soccer were others I dabbled in.

I was really paying attention to the game behind me...

athletes of the year.

What was your favourite birthday party?
I've got two for this one.  for my 19th (legal drinking age in canada) I had a pub crawl.  yup, all to myself.  best time ever.
or a couple years ago when a bunch of my girls surprised me in fredericton, that was pretty unreal.

Who was your teen celebrity crush?
shia labeouf in even stevens.  not even kidding.

What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?
I'm not sure if there really was one?  I watched one of the scream movies in like grade 4 and was so scared I slept with my parents for a couple weeks.  after that I wasn't allowed to watch scary movies.

have a good weekend!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

snow day!

I didn't get up until 3pm today.  wanna know why?  it was doing this outside and there was no way I was going anywhere!

hope you're all having a good weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

[random thursday] - embarrassing celeb crushes

'tis the time for another edition of random thursday with two awesome ladies, em and linny!

annnnd for this weeks topic, let me tell you about my...

justin bieber.  yup, I'm throwing this out there right now!  j biebs gets so much hate but in all honesty, love his music and his movie made me fall in love with him.  we said embarrassing right!

adam brody.  fell in love with this nerd during his OC days.  he's a hottie!

kevin james.  he may not look like a male model but holy hell that man is funny.

alright guys, I'm struggling with this post!  I'm sorry!  I did not have the best day and I'm still kind of feeling like crap but I did the best I could!  

happy thursday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

what's in my... iPad!

remember this post? well I'm still a nose bag so I thought I would do an iPad edition!

again, I'm not going to go through every app but I will do a couple of my top faves and if you have any questions about any of them leave me a comment!

top faves:
1. twitter. obvious.
2. reddit. this shit is hilarious!! who doesn't love looking at pictures of cats all day?
3. g-whizz. okay, if you need a genius way to follow all the blogs you love than you need g-whizz. linny told me about this app and I seriously check it more than twitter. just type in your google account and it displays a list of all the newest posts up. AMAZEBALLS.
I might actually write a whole post on it because I love it so much.
4. Pinterest. didn't check it for awhile and these days I'm obsessed.
5 and 6. flow free and where's the water are my all time favourite games. and they have free versions!

honestly don't really use a lot of apps on this page. except my calculator, I suck at math.
oh and alpha baby anytime Katie wants to play on my iPad.
if you know of any apps for 18 months old let me know! this chick is seriously tech savvy already.

last two pages are all miscellaneous games that I sometimes play.

my back ground is a picture of sprinkles I took while typing up this delicious post (not pills that both my sister and mom assumed, on separate occasions. apparently they think I'm a pill popper).

let me know what your favourite apps are!

happy wednesday!

Monday, February 4, 2013

10 on tuesday

I haven't linked up for 10 on tuesday for wayyyyy too long.

I need this weather to eff off. I'm sick of snow, I'm sick of cold, I'm sick of getting stuck. and I'm sick of being scared I'm about to get stuck.

I can't wait for my own bed. I came in to my sisters sunday because I knew it was going to storm. I did not know it was going to last two days. I love staying at my sisters but hate not being prepared for it!

I'm rewatching last weeks Big Bang where Sheldon tells that guy with the lisp that he is sleeping with Amy. best. show. ever.

I miss Luke. ya two days is nothing for a lot of people but it still sucks. and he won't be home tomorrow evening so I won't really see him until he gets home around midnight.

I can't believe I'm only on #5.

did you sign up for the random thursday newsletter yet? it just went out today and I pretty much piss my pants every week at how funny it is.

the walking dead starts soon and they made an app where you can zombie yourself. it's terrifying.

speaking of shows. big brother Canada (first season ever!) is airing the end of February and I cannot freaking wait. unreal show and having Canadians will be awesome. I hope they don't make us look like huge hicks though.

I'm obsessed with my newcar. like majorly. I just want to drive it all the time. another reason I think this blizzard is pissing me off so much.

I need a new book to read. and by read I mean listen to. audiobook style. I love the morning radio show but they suck when it comes time to go home so I'd love to have a good book to listen to on the way home. any suggestions?

did you link up for 10 on tuesday? happy tuesday!

[how to] unfollow a blog

there comes a time in all blog readers time where they need to unfollow a blog. I'm sure most people know how but I'm a newbie so it took me awhile. here's my idiots guide to unfollowing a blog!

*note* I am using Sar's blog as an example because (1) alphabetically she's at the top of my feed and (2) she fucking rocks and the chances of me ever unfollowing her are actually 0.


log in to blogger and click the settings icon. scroll down until you find the blog you want to unfollow and click settings.

it will open another page and click stop following this site then confirm it in the popup.

easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

ps. I love doing these types of posts, as a new blogger I constantly have questions about how to do stuff, if you have any I will find out and do a last for you!!

let me know in the comments, happy monday!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

sunday social

first time linking up with two greats, Neely and Ashley for sunday social.

1. If you were stuck on an island what are the two material items you would want to have?
iPad and a blanket. love being cuddly and I would totally need to be able to play games.

2. What are two TV shows you’d watch over and over?
one tree hill. watched the entire season a couple months ago. obsessed.

friends. we own all ten seasons and there is nothing better than re watching an entire one.

3. If your house was on fire what two things aside from family, pets, etc would you grab?
my tv. that shits expensive. and my iPad. again, expensive.

4. What are your two most favorite articles of clothing?
jeggings I just bought at garage a couple weeks ago and scarves. whether they are my awesome crocheted ones or one my collection of too many.

5. What two movies that you saw in the past year would you recommend to us?
I'm not a huge movie buff so this is a toughy.
hunger games for a million obvious reasons.
and the only other movie I can remember seeing is the last twilight movie. and I'm not gonna lie. I loved that shit.

6. What are your two biggest guilty pleasures?
chocolate. I could eat pounds of it daily.
and cheese. so random but melt it on anything and I will devour that.

happy sunday!