Thursday, January 31, 2013

random thursday - top 5 worst tv shows

soo first and foremost it is super embarrassing that the last time I posted was last friday. I need to step it up asap!!

without further ado... I am linking up with myself, linny and Em! join us won't you.

I freaking love this topic.

I'm jumping right in.

greys anatomy
okay. I love greys anatomy. but I fucking hate it at the same time. sometimes I get soooo in to episodes that I have to stop everything I'm doing and other times I could care less if I see it that week or not.
I miss izzy. she was one of my faves. and lexi and mcsteamy. why they ever killed them is beyond me.

honey boo boo
this is a show that there is no way in hell I would turn the tv to but when I watch it with my sister I want to see more! the family drives me absolutely nutso. a dolla still makes me holla though.

monday night raw
if you don't know what this is you are extremely lucky. it's wrestling that is on every monday. and fake wrestling at that. google it. you'll be disappointed.

another boy show that I hate. Lukas and our old roommate used to watch it every. single. day.
drives me nuts.

jersey shore
another show I love to hate. I am actually watching snooki give birth right at the moment and this show (snooki and jwoww) is right up there with jersey shore. every character drives me nuts but the odd time that I do watch it, I want to see more! it's ridiculous.

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Allie said...

I was so going to link up until I realized there was a topic and my post was all over the place :( Sorry girl! But soon I most definitely will!!

Kristin said...

I haven't watched Grey's since 2007. And I've never felt better :)

Katrin said...

I only know Grey's Anatomy from your list and I agree that it can be very annoying from time to time. But I still watch it. :) Every week.

Lin said...

Greys has gone severely down hill in the last 2 seasons. The new interns are not fun to watch and I sure as hell do not care for that new intern girl that's hooking up with Jackson. Doesnt that girl know he belongs with April? Ugh.

One thing I'm pretty happy about is that Christina & Owen are back together...yay! Mantracker sucks and so does the Jersey Shore. Well Jersey Shore more cause at least I'd know how to track someone in the wild from the other show versus knowing how to get screwed & throw up my booze at the same time.

Martha Hokenson said...

LOL Jersey Shore. Isn't it terrible how these shows make us disgusted and fascinated at the same time? Skilled editing, that is!

M. said...

What is it about terrible TV that just draws you in? It's freaky and evil. Good list! So glad I haven't seen the wrestling one!

Amy @ Living N Learning said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one that listed shows I have actually watched before!

Ummm I love Grey's and even though it's a lot different than how it was in the beginning I still like it but for different reasons.

It is a shame they killed McSteamy off! :(

Leesh said...

That's kinda sad that you think Grey's is one of the worst shows. I admit, it hasn't been the same since Izzy and George left,'s not the same since Sloan and Lexie are off the show but surprisingly for me, I don't mind some of the new people. But...I get where you are coming from.