Friday, January 25, 2013

random [ramblings]

yoooo. I pretty much have nothing to write so I figured this would be the best time to get all rambly on yo ass.

first. I'm a terrible blogger when it comes to replying to comments. I get them right away on my phone, read them, usually smile my head off or laugh out loud. then I go to respond but I'm like no I can't respond the second they sent it, that's just weird. so I tell myself I will wait and respond later. than I forget.

so here is where I ask your opinion. do you respond to every comment or just to the ones asking questions or something? I'm torn. I love every comment and want you to know I read them all and love you for commenting but I never know if I'm supposed to respond to every one.

I need more opinions. I'm buying a car. part of me is Iike WHOOP WHOOP NEW CAR! other part is like fuck... can I afford this...

mixed feelings on the go. do any of you guys have a ford focus or a ford fiesta? do you know of anyone who has one and/or do they suck balls?
this is the one I'm test driving for the weekend...

is it too much of an old lady car? I'm loving it but I like opinions :)
AND now is the time to thank the beautiful Tasia for nominating me for a versatile blogger award (ya it was a super long time ago but read the above comment!) I never forgot but sometimes I get lazy and then I couldn't find the email and anyways excuses excuses.

go check out her blog out and this post where she nominates me. and feel free to marvel in the fact that her blog is called the adventures of batgirl. I did, that shits funny and you all know I love a funny blog name.

AND her birthday was yesterday so lets all join together and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

alright smudgers and I are off to pretend we are interested in the game Luke is watching. you guys rock.

ps. I'm OBSESSED with google reader. I downloaded the google app on my iPad. best way ever to catch up on my blog reading. once again, linny's a genius.


Caitlin Cavallaro said...

I am JUST LIKE YOU! I always have such good intentions of responding to blog comments and always tell myself I will respond later (even though I read every single comment!) But, I usually get SOOO busy during the week that I forget. I actually just responded to blog comments from BEG OF DECEMBER. Yeah, its pretty awful. After reading numerous blogs, I hear that the "etiquette" would be to respond to them ALL (not just the ones asking questions) but, I find it SOO hard to do that everyday! :(

Amy @ Living n Learning said...

I may not respond right away to comments but I do like to take the time every now and again to go through and see who commented and respond if I have something to say. Who knows if anyone sees my responses but at least I do it so others can see that I see that my readers are leaving comments. Yano what I mean?

Tamara said...

I try to respond to every comment, although, I'm like you and I'll often be able to read them but won't respond right away. Sometimes though if someone just says "good post!" I won't reply back. And I hate it when I get the no-reply blogger because I never notice it until I reply in the email and then I'm like 'Shit, that didn't go a damn place.'

Most of commenters though are the same people I talk to constantly, so I feel like they understand if I don't get to their comment right away. If someone comments that I don't think i've seen/heard from before I almost always track them down to say hello.

Lin said...

Trying to respond to EVERY comment is a great idea, it's an idea I always have but I rarely ever get to all of them. Usually I'll respond to the one's that have questions (rhetorical & real ones) first and then respond to any of the one's that are funny or I just have to add my two-cents too.

That's one cute car. Dont know anyone that has it, if you're looking into having fun & test driving other cars look into the Chevy Cruze. That's what I have & it's well priced & not too small.

Also, you're SO welcome for the google reader recommendation! Glad it's helping you keep up with your blogs :)