Tuesday, January 1, 2013

holiday swap reveal!

happy 2013 everybody!!

I was going to write something really inspriational and uplifting and talk about how different and amazing 2013 will be.  but let's be honest, you can go to every other blog in the world to see that.

so instead I'm going to show you what I got for the Holiday Swap hosted by Linny!

I know I'm super late but Miranda and I decided to send out out packages a little late and then I didn't pick it up from my parents until Christmas Day and then this past week has been crazy busy so I'm only getting to it now!

I had never read Miranda's blog before so I knew that this could go either way.  I could be awesome like the movie night swap with Clare or it could totally blow like the mug swap that never happened (because some people like to just not send you anything!).

I was ecstatic when I realized it was going to be amazing.  right away we found each other on twitter and did the whole awkward, heyyy, I don't know you but I have to send you a bunch of stuff so let's be friends?

now I'd like to think we actually are friends!  she's awesome, her blog is totally different then mine (more beauty ish) which I freaking love because I do think deep down I'm kind of a girly girl I just don't know how to act like one.  she's inspired me to be a little bit more like one.  

seriously go check her out, you'll want to have pretty nails for the rest of your life.

alright I'll get my head out of her ass and move on.

this is the note I got when I opened it.

these are all my goodies!

I got:
christmas bows
two hot chocolate mixes
eyeshadow pallet
stickers (!!!)
eos lip balm
yankee candle
nail polish
snowman notebook
coal (most delicious chocolates)
annnnddd a reindeer that poops candy. AND plays a little song.  awesomesauce. 

most of it was wrapped which is my favourite, love getting to open up everything.

in love with this eye shadow, I've played with it a couple times but haven't done anything intense yet.
such amazing quality!

seriously.  could she have known me any better?  purple's my favourite colour and this necklace is beautiful.  and it's got an M on it!  wore this all day christmas day and got so many compliments.

my favourite part you ask?

these bad boys.  love sparkles first of all.  and again, purple is my favourite.  I haven't worn the blue yet, I need to find a pretty colour for the base.

have been wearing the purple since christmas.  obsessed with it.  

man, you went WAY above and beyond what I expected.  absolutely LOVE everything I got!

happy first day of 2013!!


Katrin said...

Great package! love the reindeer that poops candy! how awesome!

Anonymous said...


Miranda said...

LOL, I freakin love your post! Had me laughing the whole time! you are too funny. So glad you love everything and pretty happy I did a good job picking stuff for you! haha

Lin said...

A kick ass bracelet, candy pooping reindeer, and cool nail polish colors...fucking awesome!

I wish all my participants were as enthusiastic as you two were. So glad you girls became friends too :)