Monday, January 21, 2013

goals for 2013!

so I wrote a bunch of resolutions for 2013 and honestly, they were too vague and random.  after watching Nikki Phillippi on youtube I decided to break them down into parts.

1. financial
save $1000 by May.  having to move by May means I'm going to need a damage deposit and a months worth of rent.
pay off my visa.  even though I just did this the other day I had to add it because I am SUPER pumped!!
pay off my ipad.  I bought it using an interest free future shop card.  but it's only interest free until June so that comes to about $130/month.  totally do able.
I am going to go two days a week and spend absolutely NO money!  who's with me!?

2. work
be early!  sounds simple right?  well I'm a lazy ass in the morning.  I need this job.  and I love it.  and technically I am on probation for the first six months so this is the time when I need to step up my game.
start seriously considering going back to school.  work will pay for it so it's kind of a waste not to take advantage of it.  my company just got bought out by a much larger company and usually when that happens, they start letting go of the little guys after a couple years.  anyone out there have their CMA?
learn to prioritize and stay on schedule.  staying on schedule means having everything done on time and no need for stress!

3. blog
remind myself that I don't just want followers, I want readers! (said so well be the lovely Sar)  I used to be obsessed with the number of followers I had on GFC but I'm starting to realize having a handful of 'real' blog friends/readers is way more important then that number over there >
be smart with my money.  stop sponsoring others just because they are on sale or cheap, actually love their blog!  
only 3 swaps per year (max of $50 total for each swap).  this might sound like a lot but if it weren't for swaps I wouldn't have found some amazing blogs that I am currently obsessed with!

4. relationships
build a better relationship with Lukas.  spend more time with him, even if it's doing nothing.
BUT try to do more 'things'!  get out more, go for a walk or a drive or out to eat, anything!
stop having just weekend friends.  you know, those girls I go out with on the weekend, I can hang out with them during the week too.  I need to stop being so anti social during the week.

5. fitness
FINISH the 30 day shred.  I have started it once before and got to like day 5 maybe.  pathetic.
get a gym membership!  my work offers a discounted price and it's about time I take advantage of it.  filling out the paperwork tonight!
get to said gym three times a week and start on the elliptical.  it's the least scary thing I can think of.
believe in myself and raise my self confidence.
lastly, stop snacking in the evening! no need.

let me know what goals you have for 2013!


Unknown said...

I'm pretty anti-social during the week. I am just so tired!

As far as the gym, I love going to classes. It's the best way I know to schedule my gym time and get me there (because I am so tired during the week!) It was kind of scary the first couple of times, but the instructors are always super nice.

Niken said...

i force myself to socialize after work too. because sometimes, it's just needed. and i totally should save more!!

Lin said...

Those are some great goals. I also like that you didnt label them 'resolutions' cause there's always been something I never liked about that word.

I need to work on all of these too. Truth is Im always at work at least 20 minutes late. Awful. Luckily no one's caught on yet.

Amy @ Living n Learning said...

Awesome goals for 2013! You can certainly achieve them all.

I have a pretty big financial goal myself for 2013, pay off my student loans! Super thankful for my parents to let me live at home for at least another year so I can not stress about money too much.

Katrin said...

Great goals! I really hope you achieve all of them!
I should do more for my fitness too! Sometimes I am so lazy!
My goal is to be happy. :) Haha.

The Life of Clare said...

Such fantastic goals! I've stopped looking at the number of followers I've got and am starting to meet bloggers and have daily comvos on twitter! Loving that way more! I think financial goals are so important and this year my goals are saving for trips! Best goals ever.