Tuesday, January 8, 2013

10 on Tuesday

linking up with Lin and amber!

pretty little liars premiers tonight. pumpppeeddddddddddd.
favourite show of all time.

this post rocks. check it out!
merci to Lin for the recommendation.

seriously debating doing a video blog for next weeks random Thursday. thoughts?

my cat is too fat for stools.

my sister made meatballs tonight and they were unbelievable! definitely stealing the recipe and share if I ever do!

I want snap pea crisps. youtube people keep talking about them and since I'm Canadian I can't get them! and I really want them. feel free to send them my way :)

I said I wanted to not eat like shit and lose some weight in the new year but I am just feeling like total shit lately.
I'm totally the kind of person who eats their feelings. whenever I am feeling fat and gross I eat because I'm pissed about it.
makes a lot of sense eh?

I did up my budget a couple times this week and I am 90% sure I will have my visa paid off on my next cheque!
pretty effing pumped about this 3 cheques in one month thing.

ahh pretty little liars is half way through and it's amazing!!
please go download all the episodes, watch them, than come talk to me.

did you know I bought my own domain yesterday!?
pretty frigging pumped about it even though I know almost everyone has their own already.
I am now officially just www.youremeaghanmecrazy.com !
love that there is no blogspot on the end.
that's it! gotta watch the rest if PLL and torture myself thinking about who the hell A really is!

happy tuesday!


The Life of Clare said...

I love PLL! We need to talk all about it, except I haven't seen the most recent episode, so no spoilers please! Congrats on your new domain! And yes to the random Thursday video!

Unknown said...

My cat is too fat for stools too. I poke her fatness. So far she hasn't developed an eating disorder or anything.

Tamara said...

#7. Girl, I'm a 'bored' eater. Reading a book, hands are in a bag of chips. Watching tv, oh look here are some oreos. It's really frustrating, but since you recognize that you do eat your feelings you can totally get past it. I mean, you can always take up running and do a race with me :)

#10. YAY!!!!!

Bea said...

Can I just say 'Thank you' for featuring my blog post 'Snotty Bloggers' from Lin!! I appreciate the support. You have a NEW follower, and I invested in your ad swap. High five!!

Katrin said...

I love your cat! So much! And I think the chair is just too small!
And I can't wait to watch your vlog! :)