Thursday, January 31, 2013

random thursday - top 5 worst tv shows

soo first and foremost it is super embarrassing that the last time I posted was last friday. I need to step it up asap!!

without further ado... I am linking up with myself, linny and Em! join us won't you.

I freaking love this topic.

I'm jumping right in.

greys anatomy
okay. I love greys anatomy. but I fucking hate it at the same time. sometimes I get soooo in to episodes that I have to stop everything I'm doing and other times I could care less if I see it that week or not.
I miss izzy. she was one of my faves. and lexi and mcsteamy. why they ever killed them is beyond me.

honey boo boo
this is a show that there is no way in hell I would turn the tv to but when I watch it with my sister I want to see more! the family drives me absolutely nutso. a dolla still makes me holla though.

monday night raw
if you don't know what this is you are extremely lucky. it's wrestling that is on every monday. and fake wrestling at that. google it. you'll be disappointed.

another boy show that I hate. Lukas and our old roommate used to watch it every. single. day.
drives me nuts.

jersey shore
another show I love to hate. I am actually watching snooki give birth right at the moment and this show (snooki and jwoww) is right up there with jersey shore. every character drives me nuts but the odd time that I do watch it, I want to see more! it's ridiculous.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

random [ramblings]

yoooo. I pretty much have nothing to write so I figured this would be the best time to get all rambly on yo ass.

first. I'm a terrible blogger when it comes to replying to comments. I get them right away on my phone, read them, usually smile my head off or laugh out loud. then I go to respond but I'm like no I can't respond the second they sent it, that's just weird. so I tell myself I will wait and respond later. than I forget.

so here is where I ask your opinion. do you respond to every comment or just to the ones asking questions or something? I'm torn. I love every comment and want you to know I read them all and love you for commenting but I never know if I'm supposed to respond to every one.

I need more opinions. I'm buying a car. part of me is Iike WHOOP WHOOP NEW CAR! other part is like fuck... can I afford this...

mixed feelings on the go. do any of you guys have a ford focus or a ford fiesta? do you know of anyone who has one and/or do they suck balls?
this is the one I'm test driving for the weekend...

is it too much of an old lady car? I'm loving it but I like opinions :)
AND now is the time to thank the beautiful Tasia for nominating me for a versatile blogger award (ya it was a super long time ago but read the above comment!) I never forgot but sometimes I get lazy and then I couldn't find the email and anyways excuses excuses.

go check out her blog out and this post where she nominates me. and feel free to marvel in the fact that her blog is called the adventures of batgirl. I did, that shits funny and you all know I love a funny blog name.

AND her birthday was yesterday so lets all join together and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

alright smudgers and I are off to pretend we are interested in the game Luke is watching. you guys rock.

ps. I'm OBSESSED with google reader. I downloaded the google app on my iPad. best way ever to catch up on my blog reading. once again, linny's a genius.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

random thursday - if I found $100 I would...

link up link up link up!
do it just do it.

this weeks amazing topic...

soo considering the weather has been -30 here the last few days (nope, no typo...)

yup it feels like -30.  that shits cold.

so!  as I was saying above, my first order of business would be to buy some toasty winter boots!
I'm thinking some bogs.  have you heard of them?  they aren't the most attractive thing ever but they are waterproof and super warm.  AND they are like memory foam.  they mould to your feet, how cool is that!
I'm kind of thinking about getting these ones and finding $100 would make my life a ton easier!

be honest.  are they hideous?

so I think if I actually FOUND the $100 I would try to figure out where it came from.  like if I found it at work or someones home or some where people are then obvi I'd look around and ask people.

but I mean if I found that shit chilling in the middle of a field than it's going right in my pocket.

so what would you do if you randomly found 100 bucks?

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


who doesn't love a giveaway!!

the amazing Allie has decided to host a giveaway and all of her sponsors are chipping in to give one lucky person $100!!  yup that's not a type.  one hundred buckaroonies.  so enter asap!

make sure to check out all the kick ass contributors!

1. Enter below via Rafflecopter
2. All entries WILL be verified, so please be honest
3. Runs from 12AM on January 22nd until 11:59PM on January 28th.

Monday, January 21, 2013

goals for 2013!

so I wrote a bunch of resolutions for 2013 and honestly, they were too vague and random.  after watching Nikki Phillippi on youtube I decided to break them down into parts.

1. financial
save $1000 by May.  having to move by May means I'm going to need a damage deposit and a months worth of rent.
pay off my visa.  even though I just did this the other day I had to add it because I am SUPER pumped!!
pay off my ipad.  I bought it using an interest free future shop card.  but it's only interest free until June so that comes to about $130/month.  totally do able.
I am going to go two days a week and spend absolutely NO money!  who's with me!?

2. work
be early!  sounds simple right?  well I'm a lazy ass in the morning.  I need this job.  and I love it.  and technically I am on probation for the first six months so this is the time when I need to step up my game.
start seriously considering going back to school.  work will pay for it so it's kind of a waste not to take advantage of it.  my company just got bought out by a much larger company and usually when that happens, they start letting go of the little guys after a couple years.  anyone out there have their CMA?
learn to prioritize and stay on schedule.  staying on schedule means having everything done on time and no need for stress!

3. blog
remind myself that I don't just want followers, I want readers! (said so well be the lovely Sar)  I used to be obsessed with the number of followers I had on GFC but I'm starting to realize having a handful of 'real' blog friends/readers is way more important then that number over there >
be smart with my money.  stop sponsoring others just because they are on sale or cheap, actually love their blog!  
only 3 swaps per year (max of $50 total for each swap).  this might sound like a lot but if it weren't for swaps I wouldn't have found some amazing blogs that I am currently obsessed with!

4. relationships
build a better relationship with Lukas.  spend more time with him, even if it's doing nothing.
BUT try to do more 'things'!  get out more, go for a walk or a drive or out to eat, anything!
stop having just weekend friends.  you know, those girls I go out with on the weekend, I can hang out with them during the week too.  I need to stop being so anti social during the week.

5. fitness
FINISH the 30 day shred.  I have started it once before and got to like day 5 maybe.  pathetic.
get a gym membership!  my work offers a discounted price and it's about time I take advantage of it.  filling out the paperwork tonight!
get to said gym three times a week and start on the elliptical.  it's the least scary thing I can think of.
believe in myself and raise my self confidence.
lastly, stop snacking in the evening! no need.

let me know what goals you have for 2013!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

[how to] linkwithin - related posts

ever wonder how to get those thumbnails at the end of your post that can direct readers to other posts they might like? ya me too.  I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out but everyone's directions were for the really old blogger template.  not helpful.  here's my updated version of how to install it!

first, go to linkwithin

fill out this info (with your own obviously)..

click Get Widget! and it will take you to the next page.  click the hyper link that says install widget and it will take you here...

this is where linkwithin's directions don't work.  change the title to whatever you would like and click edit content.

now this is where you are going to be like 'no shit sherlock!'.  
copy the html code, go to your blogger layout... 

now just add a gadget, select html/javascript, and paste the code you just copied from before. save it.
now drag that gadget to where it says blog posts so that it falls beneath it.

voila!!  save arrangement and go check out your blog!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

random thursday - vlog style!!

hey hey hey!!  welcome to random thursday - VLOG edition!

yup I made a video and I'm actually posting it for the world to see!

I ramble a lot and I sound like I'm 400 lbs because I'm nervous and apparently when I'm nervous I breathe really heavy and shaky... anyways, enjoy!

happy thursday!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 on tuesday

linking up as per usual!

I'm sore as fuck.  worked out twice and my body hates me.  gotta do what you gotta do!

I had the best/laziest weekend ever!  relaxed saturday, did some visiting, laid on my couch.
best day ever.
pretty much did the same thing sunday except I had Luke around to keep me company.
bestest day ever.

speaking of being healthy, I am totally making this.
it's too adorable not to want to make that!

Smudge comes when you whistle.  is that weird?  no matter what if Luke whistles (doesn't work when I do it) he comes and jumps right up on me and cuddles like a crazy man!  and not just like a come here whistle but like a tune or something.  he'll come sauntering in, find me, jump up and cuddle.
he's a cat.  it's weird.

did you hear I'm vlogging for random thursday!?  yup it's happening fo sheezy.  it's super embarrassing but I'm just going to post it and forget about it!

this whole drinking a ton of water a day SUCKS!  I have peed twice while writing this post.

I'm trying to watch the bachelor.  it's on right now.  and I can't do it!  I watched it the year Ali was the bachelorette and LOVED it!  and I watched when that Brad guy was it and then a little bit when Ashley was but I just can't get into it this time.  I feel like the girls are dumber or something.

this kills me every time.

work is stressing me out.  I hate that.  I never get stressed about crap and even today my boss was like 'relax!  it's just work!'.  but I hate when I don't finish something and have to carry it over to the next day.  I only took half my lunch today because I couldn't even relax thinking about the shit I had to do.
need to step it up tomorrow!

if you read sunday's post you know that this is happening!  check it out if you want to be updated on my progress.  I am going to tweet whenever I post but I am going to try to leave it at that.  I promise I won't fill this blog with annoying fitness crap.

happy tuesday!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

random thursday - things I hoard

hey hey hey!

I am so excited to be co hosting this week with Lin and Em!

check out how amazing this new button is.. Lin is one talented lady.

alright let's get right into it!  this weeks topic...

tooooo much crap!!
I hate throwing crap out.

sample products.  I've signed up for a few different beauty boxes over the past couple years and even the super shitty products I get I hate throwing them out.  they always send high end shit so I feel like I will miss out on something if I throw it out!

yarn.  everytime I see a cute yarn I always think of a million different things I could make with it and I usually never end up making anything.
or I make something with it and have a tiny little ball out but for some reason I always save it.
what if I need to make a tiny hat someday...

wine bottles.  random I know but I plan on someday eventually making my own wine.  you know how you can go into a store and make your own wine and basically you give them 50 bucks and they do everything for you and you get a butt ton of wine?  that's what I wanna do.
I love wine and it works out to be like 4 bucks a bottle.  can't go wrong.

clothes.  every couple years my mom will go through all my clothes with me and force me to throw away/donate as much as possible.
I hate doing it and I always think that I will someday NEED that certain shirt.  even if I haven't worn it since high school.

nail polish.  been pretty obsessed with it probably for about two years now.  I don't buy expensive stuff though.  I have one OPI and only because it was a gift.  the rest are all under 3 bucks max.

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I will leave you this fantastic picture of every dogs dream

happy thursday!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

10 on Tuesday

linking up with Lin and amber!

pretty little liars premiers tonight. pumpppeeddddddddddd.
favourite show of all time.

this post rocks. check it out!
merci to Lin for the recommendation.

seriously debating doing a video blog for next weeks random Thursday. thoughts?

my cat is too fat for stools.

my sister made meatballs tonight and they were unbelievable! definitely stealing the recipe and share if I ever do!

I want snap pea crisps. youtube people keep talking about them and since I'm Canadian I can't get them! and I really want them. feel free to send them my way :)

I said I wanted to not eat like shit and lose some weight in the new year but I am just feeling like total shit lately.
I'm totally the kind of person who eats their feelings. whenever I am feeling fat and gross I eat because I'm pissed about it.
makes a lot of sense eh?

I did up my budget a couple times this week and I am 90% sure I will have my visa paid off on my next cheque!
pretty effing pumped about this 3 cheques in one month thing.

ahh pretty little liars is half way through and it's amazing!!
please go download all the episodes, watch them, than come talk to me.

did you know I bought my own domain yesterday!?
pretty frigging pumped about it even though I know almost everyone has their own already.
I am now officially just !
love that there is no blogspot on the end.
that's it! gotta watch the rest if PLL and torture myself thinking about who the hell A really is!

happy tuesday!

Monday, January 7, 2013

random rambling

who sucks at blogging?  this guy!  well technically I'm a girl.  but you know what I mean.

I did just post on Thursday but I wrote that last Tuesday which means it's almost been a whole week since I wrote.

I was going to tell you about my weekend but basically I laid on my couch Friday evening, cleaned my house/ took down decorations Saturday day and then drank a bottle of wine and went out that night.  annnd Sunday was spent back on my couch.  ya can't really write a whole post about that boringness.

however.  I hate taking down a christmas tree.  this was the first time and I actually didn't really have to do anything (Luke took it down and vacuumed everything after) but still it was not a fun time.

the tree had died sometime even before christmas day so the needles would fall off if you breathed in its direction.  this is what it looked like after it was drug out.


worked sucked today.  nothing specific happened but the first monday back after almost two weeks off blows!  it was a long ass day.

holy crap this is a pointless post.

have you heard I'm cohosting random thursday now with Lin and Em!?  my first one is this week and I am pummppppeedddddd.  the topic this week is items I often hoard.  that might be a long post, ask my mom, I don't throw ANYTHING out!  

oh! check out the new logo!  snag that shit and put it in your post!

when I saw what the next topic was (what's in my purse) I totally wanted to do a vlog version like youtubers do but since you all know how stupid I look in front of a camera I figured I best not.  always wanted to do youtube videos though, just never got the guts for it.

also, if you aren't signed up for the random thursday newsletter yet then get on it!!

now.  I will leave you with this picture of Smudge after he jumped into the dryer.  I believe his thoughts are somewhere along the lines of:
"fuck, how do I get down from here..."

happy monday!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

random thursday and an announcement!

bonjourno ladies!  

it is time for another rendition of random thursday!

I am freaking ecstatic right now to announce that starting next week I will be joining the amazing Em and Lin in hosting their random thursday posts!

Sarah's getting crazy busy with school and has decided to take a break from hosting.
make sure to check out her blog and marvel in how amazing her design is not to mention her posts!

last week on twitter I mentioned that I wanted to start some sort of linky ish series for 2013 and when Lin emailed me asking if I wanted to join I couldn't have been more pumped!

sooo without further ado here's my last random thursday post as a non host!

1. when I die young by the band perry
love love love this song.  it's always on my phone and is one of the first songs I go to when I want something to listen to.

2. never ever ever getting back together by t swift
the second this song comes on the radio I turn it up and turn into a crazy lady belting it out.

3. cuckoo by lissie
my friend and I went through a phase like 3 years ago where we constantly shared youtube videos on each others facebook and I fell in love with this one instantly.

4. wide awake by katy perry
love everything about this girl.  if you haven't watched her movie yet go and download it asap!
this is by far my favourite song from her.

5. highway of heroes by the trews
this one rocks.  not only is the song kick ass but go watch the video.  it tugs on the heart strings.

and the hottie playing the fiddle is a musician from my hometown!

happy thursday!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

holiday swap reveal!

happy 2013 everybody!!

I was going to write something really inspriational and uplifting and talk about how different and amazing 2013 will be.  but let's be honest, you can go to every other blog in the world to see that.

so instead I'm going to show you what I got for the Holiday Swap hosted by Linny!

I know I'm super late but Miranda and I decided to send out out packages a little late and then I didn't pick it up from my parents until Christmas Day and then this past week has been crazy busy so I'm only getting to it now!

I had never read Miranda's blog before so I knew that this could go either way.  I could be awesome like the movie night swap with Clare or it could totally blow like the mug swap that never happened (because some people like to just not send you anything!).

I was ecstatic when I realized it was going to be amazing.  right away we found each other on twitter and did the whole awkward, heyyy, I don't know you but I have to send you a bunch of stuff so let's be friends?

now I'd like to think we actually are friends!  she's awesome, her blog is totally different then mine (more beauty ish) which I freaking love because I do think deep down I'm kind of a girly girl I just don't know how to act like one.  she's inspired me to be a little bit more like one.  

seriously go check her out, you'll want to have pretty nails for the rest of your life.

alright I'll get my head out of her ass and move on.

this is the note I got when I opened it.

these are all my goodies!

I got:
christmas bows
two hot chocolate mixes
eyeshadow pallet
stickers (!!!)
eos lip balm
yankee candle
nail polish
snowman notebook
coal (most delicious chocolates)
annnnddd a reindeer that poops candy. AND plays a little song.  awesomesauce. 

most of it was wrapped which is my favourite, love getting to open up everything.

in love with this eye shadow, I've played with it a couple times but haven't done anything intense yet.
such amazing quality!

seriously.  could she have known me any better?  purple's my favourite colour and this necklace is beautiful.  and it's got an M on it!  wore this all day christmas day and got so many compliments.

my favourite part you ask?

these bad boys.  love sparkles first of all.  and again, purple is my favourite.  I haven't worn the blue yet, I need to find a pretty colour for the base.

have been wearing the purple since christmas.  obsessed with it.  

man, you went WAY above and beyond what I expected.  absolutely LOVE everything I got!

happy first day of 2013!!