Friday, December 28, 2012

random thursday

hi!  I hope everyone had just the bestest christmas ever!  I sure did.  got lots of kick ass stuff and spent tons of times with my fam and Luke's.  all around amazing time.

so please don't call the blogger po po on me because I'm about to hit up random thursday on a friday!

pretty sure I've done it before...
annnd this weeks kick ass topic is....

I honestly have no sweet clue what I am doing for new years.  we usually just have a couple drinks somewhere than go to the local bar and continue drinking.  
this year my friend and I were talking about having a more formal type of house party where we all dress up and ring in the new year in style.
who knows.  I could be in my jammies on the couch falling asleep when it hits 2013.

as for the actual new year I am going to be extremely cliche and say that one of my hopes is that I actually start getting my ass in gear and do something productive fitness wise.
ya I know everyone says it but I've been feeling like crap lately and kind of disliking the way I look.
it's mostly about how I feel though.  just want to stop feeling like ass.

another hope is to give it all on this blog.  I feel like I have came so far since the summer when I started and I love it.  I've started sponsoring a couple amazing people so I'm hoping that will help in the number department.
which I know shouldn't matter but c'mon it does a little!

next item on the list.
I need to start saving like a mofo.  finally have a decent job with decent pay and six months from now I want to have something to show for that.

a dolla makes me holla honey boo boo child!!

also.  never watching this show once in 2013 would be a great goal!

lastly.  I need to stop eating out so much.  I go out for lunch 3-4 times a week and it is killing my budget and expanding my belly.  lame.
and since I got a magic bullet for christmas (can a get a whoop whoop!?) I am going to start making smoothies and bringing them to work.  much better idea for a snack.

alright ladies what are your plans for the new year and/or new years eve??

happy friday!


Katie said...

I too need to get on the fitness thing because I too feel like ass after holiday eating. Oof Christmas cookies.

Allie said...

I know I probably should have gotten more from this post, but I love that you love Honey Boo Boo Child :)

Cocalores said...

Good luck with your plans! =) Luckily they all fit together, so smoothies instead of eating out it is. But the only way anyone will see me running is when a t-rex is coming after me. Ha ha.

Katrin said...

Good luck with all your plans! I hope you will have a great 2013!