Thursday, December 6, 2012

blogmas day 6 !

you're meaghan me crazy

linking up with em, lin, and sarah for blogmas day 6!

obviously I don't think these are weird because it's how I eat but imma go ahead and try to remember what I eat when people look at me like 'what the eff dude...?'

fries and mayo.
kind of a classic so lots of people might not think its weird but some people I know think it is!
my favourite is mcdonalds fries with mcchicken sauce.  second fave is wendys fries with their mayo, hellman's I think.

speaking of wendy's fries, dip them in a chocolate frosty, seriously it's a good time.

grilled cheese and ketchup.  anyone else do this one?  when I tell people they are either horrified or completely on the same page.
when I was younger I used to dip my grilled cheese in syrup.  aunt jemima syrup is my favourite, none of that fancy smancy maple syrup bullshit.
since those are all the weird ones I could think of I asked my ridiculous sister if she knew of any and she said corn pops and chocolate chips.  yup you heard that right...
my face was like

she threw in some more so I had to share.

regular chips dipped in sour cream.

popcorn and chocolate chips (which I have to admit is fantastic).

fried eggs and maple syrup.

scrambled eggs on pizza.
no comment on this one.

what are your weird combos?  if you link up let me know!

happy random Thursday!


Katrin said...

Scrambled eggs on pizza? Oh my!:)
I like to eat fries with vanilla sauce. It´s delicious!

Lin said...

I love ya hon but this is some weird ass food combos. You win! Well, there's really not a prize but if there was you'd win it haha.

Scrambled eggs on pizza & fries in a frosty. No-thank-you.