Monday, December 3, 2012

blogmas day 3 !

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had an awesome friday night with my sisters.  after work my sister picked me up and we hung out at her place until our reservation at boston pizza where our other sister came in from home to meet us.  we pigged out and just hung out and relaxed over dinner, then went back to my sisters and did some more hanging out.
we left around 9:30 and realized that is was shitty as eff out and it took like 45 minutes longer then it should have to get home (which is an hour away anyways).  pretty nerve racking drive.
it was terrible or anything but the first snow of the year always makes me super nervous to drive in.

saturday morning was perfect.  I woke up to this little guy being the little spoon.

then just laid on the couch with a cup of tea, some good tv on and a scarf to crochet.  love those mornings when I'm up earlier then Luke and just hang out and relax.

then when he got up with went to the christmas parade!  just love the little tradition we started. 
read about that day here.

then had one of the bests nights ever saturday night!  a couple of the girls came over for a few too many drinks then went to the bar for some live band action.  so much fun but I totally felt it yesterday morning.

so much fun!

however, from all the fun, sunday was spent laying on the couch recovering.  when I was finally not feeling disgusting anymore I got some presents wrapped though which always puts me in the holiday spirit!

happy monday!

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Lin said...

Scarfing down pizza & drinks with the that's one kick ass weekend!