Sunday, December 2, 2012

blogmas day 2 !

you're meaghan me crazy

today has been a rough day.  I had the 'self induced' flu caused by a little excessive alcoholic beverages.  finally feeling better though!

the day consisted of lounging on the couch sipping water, napping and kind of watching tv.  got through half of the newest vampire diaries before I fell asleep so that's on the to do list a little later.

got some presents wrapped though!  I adore wrapping presents.  it's something my mom and I have done together for as long as I can remember.  she would put all her gifts in boxes so I didn't know what was in them then we would spend an evening just wrapping everything.

I have a couple more things to wrap up so maybe we will wrap those together!

I have pretty much everything bought but I didn't get to wrapping it all yet.  still waiting for a couple things from online shopping.

wrapped up my holiday swap package too for Miranda, cannot wait to see what she thinks!  I am sending it in two parts because one gift isn't finished yet...

also, feel free to congratulate me on how awesome I wrapped this little guy up.

can't wait for christmas!! definitely my favourite time of the year.

looking for any other blogmasers to read, check out Clare, Melina, and Mana!

happy sunday!


Anonymous said...

i love wrapping gifts too! i'm almost finished my christmas shopping so i'll be spending some time next weekend wrapping them up.

Purrincup said...

I actually like wrapping presents too! Btw I'm having a 2 year anniversary blog giveaway! Check it out!

Unknown said...

I love wrapping presents too! pinterest has given me the best idea for wrapping odd shaped gifts. I'm going to take brown paper bags and either cover them in Christmas paper or decorate them with stickers, then just pop in the item on a bed of shredded paper, fold over and hole punch 2 holes on either end of the bag and tie it closed with pretty ribbon or twine. I must complement you on wrapping whatever that pentagon shaped thing though, it looks great!

The Life of Clare said...

Yay for your wrapped presents! I've got some presents but none wrapped just yet.

Katrin said...

Hope you will feel better soon!
I also love wrapping gifts!

Lin said...

Wrapping gifts is one of my favorite things to do too. I laughed when you said your mom would put everything in boxes & then hand it to you to wrap cause mine still does this. Lucky duck, Im so jealous that youve got all your gift shopping done. I still have like 9 items to buy & then I can call it quits. Oh, no, I cant cause then I need to figure out what I'm buying the hubs :/

Miranda said...

I love wrapping presents! Its so fun and gets me so excited thinking about my family ripping into them! :)

and I am oh so excited for the goodies! I just hope you like what I got you!! :)