Wednesday, December 19, 2012

blogmas day 19 !

you're meaghan me crazy

6 days until Christmas guys. that's crazy.

I made red pepper jelly tonight and wanted to share with everyone!

recipe calls for:
3 red peppers
3 green peppers
2-3 jalapeños
7 cups of white sugar
2/3 cups of lemon juice
1 box of liquid Certo

I used red, yellow, and orange peppers only because that is what I had on hand so I don't know if it will make a hell of a difference.
clean the peppers and scrape out their seeds then chop them finely in a food processor.

(I used a magic bullet because again that's all I had on hand, it didn't so much chop them as it did purée them but good enough for me)

this my friends are what jalapeños look like fresh out of a food processor...

yummy eh?
chuck the peppers and sugar in a big pot, like Dutch oven size pot. bigger then you think you need, this shit makes a lot.
turn on medium heat just until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is a little warm. shut it off for 15-30 minutes.

looks like this after about 25. a big ole pot of poop. don't tell me you weren't thinking it.

(this is a good time to clean and sterilize your bottles)

now you need to boil the mixture, high boil it for 5 minutes.
increase the heat slowly until it boils and stir it often so it's not all gross at the bottom etc.

look at that sucker go.
after 5 minutes of boiling remove it from the heat. stir in the lemon juice and the box (2 pouches) of liquid Certo.
boil again for 2-3 minutes, then take off the heat and stir it for about 2 more minutes to let it cool a bit.
pour it into the jars and voila you are done!

now you have a bunch of kick ass homemade red pepper jelly filled jars to give out as presents!

have you ever made red pepper jelly? any kind of jelly?

happy hump day!


Tamara said...

The poop picture? Exactly what I was thinking it looked like. You know something that comes out of a diaper. But I'm sure this smelled mucho better.

I've never made any kind of jelly, but I do love homemade stuff - I've just never braved it.

Katrin said...

I have never even heard about that! Sounds so delicious! Will definitely try it!

The Life of Clare said...

This sounds delicious! I'm so bummed that we can't find fresh jalapeños here!