Tuesday, December 18, 2012

blogmas day 18 !

you're meaghan me crazy

linking up with the amazing Lin and now the amazeballs Amber!

I know a lot of bloggers are having a day of silence today which I totally and completely respect. I get it I do. and I'm sorry if I offend anyone by posting..
I'm devastated about what happened I'm Newtown, CT. it makes me sick. I've cried for these families, I haven't stopped thinking about them since I found out.
I am so so sorry for their loss and I hope you aren't offended I'm continuing this post.

so my brother came home yesterday! he wasn't supposed to be home until the 28th which isn't too long after Christmas but still there is a difference between being home for Christmas and being home 3 days later.
such a great surprise! we kind of thought he might surprise us because he loves doing stuff like that but still, so nice to know that he will be home with all of us and get to see Katie open her presents and all that fun stuff!

I got an iPad today!!!!!!!! ahhh this is my first post on it and no it's not ideal to blog on but I am loving reading all of your blogs and commenting is tons easier then an iPhone. I'm loving it!!!
be prepared to read lots of annoying tweets about it.

umm have you entered Kaitlin's giveaway yet? if you haven't you're crazy. get on that shit asap.

I still can't believe I am on blog as day 18! it doesn't even feel like its been 18 days.

I'm so tempted to tell people about my blog. like real people. not just all you fake Internet people :)
the support I've received from just my family is amazing but who knows how it would go with friends etc.

please look at the video Lin put on her blog about the girl face planting the oven. you'll live it.

you all know Miranda right? she put up a very very sweet video from the voice that is a little tribute to the Newtown victims. I love that it's all about the kids. I'm sick of even hearing the shooters name. he doesn't deserve any fame.

I just finished watching gossip girl. holy fuck. blown away, loved it and couldn't be happier with how it all came together.
AND maybe they will have a sequel! who knows!

please watch this YouTube video. please! it's effing hilarious.
juuuuuust look at it.

happy tuesday!


Jennifer said...

Congrats on 18 days.

My real life friends don't know about mine either. I think they would get weird or what if I wanted to vent about something and they are involved in it. I really don't need their, oh you were talking about me crap on my head.

The Life of Clare said...

Your post looks great! Love that you put the video in! Which app did you use?

Miranda said...

Aww, thanks for the shoutout :) I agree about the shooter, just drives me crazy the attention he is getting.
and gossip girl....um...OMG! I have tried to figure it out since it started and had no clue! I always thought it was someone close but when it was Dan revealed..mind blown. All makes sense though!

Tamara said...

I actually share my blog with 'real life' friends which is awesome, because I don't always feel it necessary to call them about things in my life that may be a little mundane and worry about them being upset. On the other hand, it's really weird to be out in public and you tell someone a story and their like "Oh, I know. I read it the other day." it kind of just stops you and you don't know whether to say thanks or just keep going. Lol.

Katrin said...

Oh wow, an iPad! That is awesome! Have fun! David got one last year and he loves it!