Sunday, December 16, 2012

blogmas day 16 !

you're meaghan me crazy

today's post is a day in the life post!
*warning* it's sunday which means I basically did nothing all day so prepare yourself to be really enthralled by my super exciting life.

it started out with my favourite kitty cuddles ever.

once I dragged myself out of bed I brewed a delicious cup of tea..

and watched one of the studdliest killers on tv!

as I watching Mr Morgan I heard a bunch of rustling and looked over to see the tree shaking like crazy. guess who was trying to wreck it!
I think he got a needle in his eye though because he meowed right loud and wouldn't stop cleaning his eye for awhile.  lesson learned.

ran into town right quick and grabbed some coffee...

then went to hang out with my favourite girl!!

annnnddd devoured this delicious plate of deliciousness.  halp.

all the while spending the day with my favourite guy.
feel free to ignore my makeupless face.

then we were oh so lucky and got to spend some time cleaning up our disastrous house!
I was going to take a before picture but it was too embarrassing...

then one of my favourite sunday activities began!  a little crocheting, some more tea and a little tv.

for supper I headed in to my parents house for supper and more time with them, my sister and my niece who had a great time playing with her grampie!

now I'm back home catching up on the walking dead and about to finish crocheting a scarf!

hope you didn't fall asleep ready about my amazing sunday!

PS make sure to check out my post tomorrow morning because I'm announcing something super exciting that I am so happy I get to be a part of!

happy sunday!


The Life of Clare said...

Sounds like a lovely relaxing Sunday!

Tamara said...

Dude, your tree is so fluffy!

Also, your kitty is adorable.