Thursday, December 13, 2012

blogmas day 13 !

you're meaghan me crazy

linking up as per usual with the awesome em, lin and sarah!

I didn't ask for all of this and never in a million years would expect it but this is a WISH list right :)

ipad.  that one kind of explains itself.  I would like a tablet of some sort where I could use my handwriting and transfer it over to my blog.  love blog designs with hand writing.
annnd it would be super convenient to catch up/read all your blogs!

winter boots.  yes very boring but I really need/want something to keep my tootsies warm and dry.

magic bullet.  I have to take my lunch at 1 and by like 11 I'm starving so having a bullet would make it super easy to make smoothies and bring them to work for semi healthy snacks.

this cute rolly shelf thingy that would be prefecto for all my craft crap.
annnd of course I can't find a picture right now!

nice clothes.  like worky clothes.  or something cute to wear out over the holidays.

bed sheets.  not very exciting but I have the best quilt ever (my mom and I made it a couple years ago) and it's got a million different bright colors.  I'd love some super bright orange bed ones like Penny from the big bang.

that's pretty much it!  I don't really need anything, besides the bed sheets (mine are getting ratty and shitty) so I will be happy with anything or nothing!
I'm such a family person so getting to hang out with everyone and see Katie open her stuff will be the best part.
AND my brother is coming home for Christmas!! technically the 28th but close enough.
so now everyone will be here!
my brother in law and other sisters bf won't be home until january so we will have another little gift exchange then so two christmasses in one year is pretty effing sweet.

happy thursday!


Lin said...

Ok, this must be admitted, when I first heard 'magic bullet' I immediately thought of a vibrator :/ Sorry, I'm a perv. However, I did saw an infomercial on the Magic Bullet the other day & thought about ordering one right there & then. They're super cool.

Dude, sheets are a total old lady gift...but I want some too!

The Life of Clare said...

I've struggled to come up with a list this year, I'm the kind of girl that if I want it, I just buy it.

Sara said...

LOVE Penny's bedding on the Big Bang Theory. My hubby isn't fond of anything too bright, so unfortunately I have to stick with more neutral tones.

I totally watched the Magic Bullet informercial the other day! It makes me want one all over again!

Katrin said...

I am so in love with Penny's bed sheets! Actually I love her whole bedroom, it is soooo cute! Great wishlist!

Tamara said...

I totally did the same thing Lin did and I was like "Damn, this girl is getting personal up in here, yo!" And then I removed myself from the perverted part of my brain and was like "Ooohhhhh".

The end.