Saturday, December 1, 2012

blogmas day 1 !

you're meaghan me crazy

December is finally here! which means we are full blown into blogmas!

the first saturday of december is our christmas parade and I lucked out with it being today!

luke and I go every year and for the last couple we have brought my parents pup Diego.  he's so well behaved at it so it's right fun to take him!

I snapped a couple pics with my iphone so keep in mind the quality sucks but the floats were all really cute!

the cutest puppy ever was pulling this cart where people ran out and donated food for food bank.


this little fart was bundled right up and just sat in her stroller the whole time taking everything in!

and of course santa was there!!

overall it was really fun, I love getting in the christmas spirit and we go with all of luke's family so it's always a really good time.
I forgot mitts though so my fingers were froze and my boots aren't water proof so my toes were ice but still happy to be there.

this guy was pooped afterwards!

if you are blogging every day in December let me know!

happy first day of blogmas!!

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The Life of Clare said...

Ive never been to a Christmas parade. It looks like heaps of fun!

Mélina said...

I don't think I've ever been to a Christmas parade either. There's mostly lots of tree lighting festivities in my parts. I'm doing Blogmas too!


Katrin said...

Happy first blogmas! :)
Aww, I love dogs and goats so much! :)

Unknown said...

I'm doing Blogmas too! I actually found your blog because of Blogmas. I'm so excited about it.