Thursday, November 29, 2012

random thursday

linking up a little late but at least I'm doing it!

winter tires, snow brush, car blanket. first two for very obvious reasons and the blanket is because I have leather seats. who ever invented leather seats for a car should have given their head a shake. like sitting on a block of ice in the winter then sitting on hot lava in the summer. c'mon people. and yes you may think I am the stupid one for buying the leather seated car but I was fortunate enough to inherit it and I obviously would not be turning down a car. 

hot beverages. 
a. coffee. yes I need coffee every day of the year regardless of the season but I especially need it in the winter. every (weekday) morning I know exactly the location I will be driving through when my coffee is the exact right temperature for that first sip. yup, I'm just that cool 
b. hot chocolate. covered in whipped cream. maybe even with a peppermint in it if I'm feeling frisky. 
c. tea. got my sister to pick me up a couple of tea's from David's Tea the other day and there is a very strong chance that I am head over heels in love with the birthday cake flavour. it's got freeze dried ice cream and sprinkles in it for god sakes. 

stuff that smells like winter. went a little crazy at bed bath & beyond the other day and got like 4 different scents for my warmer and loving them all. the cinnamony or apple cripsy or vanillay ones are my favs. or the sugar cookies. too many! 

scarves. particularly infinity ones that are handmade crochet. I've been a crochetting machine lately and have been selling as many as I can but I seriously have been wearing a different one everyday. partly to advertise and make people ask where I got it so I can tell them I made it and then they buy them. worked twice. 

mittens. my mom made me the best mittens in the whole world a couple christmases ago and I swear by them. they are knitted and called thrumb mittens I think. they are regular ole knitted mitts but the inside has like cotton pieces knitted in too and they kind of mat together over time and are sooooo soft and warm and ya I'm obsessed. have to go into storage though and find them. I lost one once for a couple months and was devastated. I swear it was like winning the lottery when I found it under my seat.

happy thursday!


Niken said...

hot beverage - esp. coffee is definitely needed!

Mallory Baker said...

Holy balls, that tea sounds a-mah-zing!

Katrin said...

Great list! I agree on everything! I could never survive without scarves!
And I love anything that smells like winter, I got some awesome apple-cinnamon-candles. Love them!

Anonymous said...

hello! found your blog via leesh (blarkness chronicles). definitely scarves are required!! today was HELLA cold and i was in line for a warehouse sale... sans hat, scarf and mits. needless to say, i was not a happy camper. i love tea to warm me up!

Lin said...

Hot chocolate is the freakin' bees knees! Love it. That photo of you with all the scarves always cracks me up cause it looks like you're going to fall over from them haha.