Thursday, November 22, 2012

random thursday

suuupppp?  this is my 4th post this week and I'm pretty pumped considering I think I had one last week.
*patting my own back*

linking up with Lin!

in my hometown at one point like a million years ago it was apparently taken over by mice.  hence why it is now named after the french word for mouse.

in my hometown every mile's a beach and every beach's a mile.

in my hometown we have a Turkey Trot, Potato Bowl, and a Miss Queen of the Sea Pageant.  I won Ms Queen of the Sea after high school and I just tried to find a picture of me in my tiara.  it must of been a year when the funds were limited because the one they gave me looked like one your grandmother wore to her wedding.  all white with pearls all over it.  right after I won I looked into the audience and my sister was like pissing herself laughing.

in my hometown we have the best views in the whole world...

in my hometown we are known as 'the friendliest folks around'.  I'm not kidding.  I know it's completely lame but it's actually on a sign as you drive in.

in my hometown we have red soil.  something about rust or iron or something along those lines..

happy Thursday!


Cocalores said...

If I could spend my days at the beach, I might be friendlier, too! ;-) Ha ha, but it's really pretty in your hometown!

Barb @ Turtles and Tails said...

I've been to your town! Well, I've been THROUGH your town - on the way to Basin Head & Singing Sands (the squeaking sand freaked my dogs out, by the way). Beautiful place, we drove all over the island and had an awesome time. You're a lucky girl!

Katrin said...

I would love to live at the beach!

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Ummm I want to move to your hometown! JEALOUS of all that beach! (Hilarious about the tiara!)

Lin said...

If I ever win the lottery you can bet your sweet ass this will definitely be one of the places I buy a house. Wow, that's gorgeous. Also, how bad ass is it that you actually won Miss Queen of the Sea Pageant? If I were you I'd be wearing that old grandma tiara around town like a champ haha.


That red earth thing totally took me back to reading Anne of Green Gables as a kid. Oh, the memories! I don't think it's lame to be known as friendly folk - I'd say that's something to be pretty proud of! There's no shortness of assholes in the world these days. I think your town is an anomaly!

Thanks for linking up and sharing with us - it's always particularly nice to find fellow Canadians!