Tuesday, November 13, 2012

random... outside arrangements

my beautiful momma and I went on a little excursion yesterday and I thought I would share.  
my mom is super talented when it comes to decorating for basically anything.  she's never tacky and is totally into earthy things that you put together yourself.  she's always got some sort of greenery in her planters around the steps so I thought I would go along for the ride with her this year and make some for my own house (it's the first year I will have my own house around the holidays!)

this is mom's finished product (well, one of them) and I swear this picture does not even do it justice.  the red berries are so bright and make the whole thing pop, not to mention the blue/gray of the bayberries and then the different shades of green.  I'm in love.

getting ready to go get some greens!

pretty pine.

kinda love how the tree is in focus here.

all the stuff we got!

sooo lucky I live here...

and even more lucky to have the most amazing mom!

so yah this post was pretty pointless but we had an awesome time so I thought you'd like to see the pics!

happy Tuesday!


Vanessa said...

Lovely pics.^^
Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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Unknown said...

You are too cute!
New follower :)


Tamara said...

Your scarf = awesome! Did you crochet that one? You are doing really great with those girl!

Also, your mom is adorable.

Lin said...

I wouldnt say it was pointless. It gave us a look at your life, which by the way makes me think of a very relaxing vacations. Although, that may have a lot to do with the fact you live next to a body of water & crazy beautiful woodsy area haha.

Your mom's arrangement came out great, love the red berries.