Sunday, November 25, 2012

random... ipsy glam bag

so a little while ago I decided to be girly and order an ipsy glam bag.  it's like birchbox but they ship to Canada so I wanted to try it out.

I actually was really pleasantly surprised!  I had gotten a few glymm boxes before and basically hated them all.  the products sucked and they effed up the shipping a bunch and customer service was a bitch to deal with.

here's what came...

1. first off, it came it this super kick ass envelope.  yup, that's bright pink and sparkly.  love.
2. it came with the usual welcome card and a coupon for nail polish and $20 off which I thought was pretty amazing and I'm definitely taking advantage of that.
3. I think this was their free gift.  the only eye shadow brush that I know how to use and the quality of it looks really good.
4. anytime I got nail polish from glymm it was clear or white/sheer so getting this super gold/glittery one actually made me whoop out loud.  in love.
5/6. eye shadow that I may or may not ever wear but the packaging rocks and it seems to be really good quality.
7. another whoop.  heard of this stuff all over youtube so to say I was excited would be an understatement.
8. an eye pencil, disappointed it brown but maybe I'll love it!
9. some sort of anti aging face cream.  I think they are trying to hint at something...

overall I was pumped for this months bag and I'm definitely keeping my subscription for next month.
ever ordered something like this before?  I'd love to get birchbox but they don't ship to Canada so I'd love to hear similar suggestions!

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Katrin said...

I have never heard about this but it looks awesome! I love the products from The Balm!