Wednesday, November 21, 2012

pay it forward.

so a couple months ago I read this post by the kick ass Tamara (who by the way just ran 10k!!) she's crazy.  you'd like her.

anyways!  I got side tracked.  here's the dealio.  the first three people that comment on this post get a free gift sent to them from yours truly within a year from the time this post gets posted.  BUT you have to be willing to repost this within three days and send out three of your own gifts!

pay it forward.  get it yet?

(ps.  I totally forgot to repost Tamara's but I still wanted to join in on the fun so I'm doing it now!)

when you comment make sure to leave 3 facts about yourself, what you like, hate, anything so that I can get you something that you won't want to throw out.  that's no fun.  the more detail you give me, the better the outcome.

I'm kind of loving the fact that I have a year to send the gifts out.  right when you start to forget about it, BAM.  you'll get something in the mail!  how fun is that!?

1 comment:

Tamara said...

I don't know if it counts or not, but I'm totally doing this. (Abbey did it to me, haha!)

3 facts:
1.I don't get to enjoy winter much becuase I live in Texas, but I love "winter" supplies - gloves, scarves, hats, chapstick, hot cocoa..
2. I enjoy cooking, like I wish I would have pursued a career as a chef - I think I would have really enjoyed it.
3. I ride 4 wheelers, wear cowboy boots & shoot guns. You bettah redneckognize!!