Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 on Tuesday

I'm in the third week of my new job which means I have to step it up and actually start doing it on my own.  kind of really stressful!  there is so many different things that have to be done at certain times and I'm the only one that will be doing them so if I don't they don't get done and then the whole company will go up in flames!
not really.  but still, it's a lot of pressure!  I've never had a job that really mattered before.

Smudge has been hard core cuddling lately.  check it.

I sold 9 scarves in the last couple days.  it's freaking awesome.  it's not that I'm getting ahead in life financially but it at least pays for more yarn to make more scarves.

I feel like I have been completely AWOL in the blog world in the last week or more which makes me sad!  I love this little tiny cyber place so I'm stepping it up!
I'm thinking of doing blogmas.  anyone heard of it?  basically you blog everyday in December up until Christmas.  sounds pretty intimidating but I think it'd be cool!
they will likely be short and sweet but I like the idea of just little updates everyday with at least 3 bigger and better posts per week.  thoughts?

watching friends and it's the one where Monica tries to get Chandler to bath.  I tried to find a funny picture where she says he loves bath and he's like "it's not the bath I like it's the wet naked lady!"
piece of advice?  don't google 'friends wet naked lady'.  definitely not the episode you are looking for.

I'm addicted to hot chocolate.  and my addicted I mean I've had it for the last two nights.  who doesn't love hot chocolate made with milk and topped with lots of whipped cream.

cooking party was the most fun ever!  have one and then tell me about it please!

my niece is hilarious.  she loves everything and is blowing kisses and showing her belly all the time.  every time I see her I ask for a hug and she leans her head in to mine.  could just eat her up she rocks so much.

and yes.  I like to let her play near electrical outlets.  it's fine.

(9) and (10)

when you can't think of 2 more things and all else fails, throw some grumpy cat.  everybody loves some grumpy cat...

happy Tuesday!!


Tamara said...

Smudge = adorable.
I've not heard of blogmas! But yeah, that actually sounds pretty hardcore. I'm good to get 3 posts up in a week, lol. I think your method would work though - short, sweet posts and then a few meatier ones.
Your niece is so precious! Lillie does the head thing with me when I lean in and it's just an awesome feeling. They are so pure at that age.
I freaking love Grumpy Cat. He makes me laugh like no other cat has before. lol.

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I wish that I could do blog everyday leading up to Christmas and actually keep with it. (Even doing short posts, I would still forget or get too busy! :( WAH)

And I am totally craving that hot chocolate now, so if you want to give me yours, I wouldn't be opposed to it... YUMMY!

Totally love those pictures of the grumpy cat! HILARIOUS!

Sar said...

I've never heard of blogmas, so I say go for it! Super neat.

And, your niece is adorable! So darn cute!

Lin said...

1. Don't let the company burn Meaghan!
2. Awe, too cute.
3. That's totally awesome! I've been crocheting like crazy too, may have to start giving them away on the blog soon haha.
4. Ugh, tell me about it. I've posted a few things here & there but nothing of substance. I've also really slacked on the commenting...that part makes me ubber sad.
5. Bahaha! No joke, I was about to google that. Thanks for the warning.
6. oh-my-gosh, yes please!
10. These just made my day. That's totally me when I'm grumpy.