Monday, October 22, 2012

this weekend I...

it's time for another edition of this weekend I...


a very relaxing evening at home.  my friend Kate and her little girl came over for a nice little visit.  always so nice to hang out with them, her daughter is so cute and obsessed with Smudge so she's awesome to entertain herself.

then I did a little DIY project that was a semi fail so I'm not sure if I will upload it just yet.  I am going to make another one for sure and if it turns out better I will show you the steps.  I love it but it's nothing fantastic so I'm not too sure if it's blog worthy yet.


was cooking party day!  I slept in then went to town with Luke and got dropped off at my sisters.  we got ready together and made appetizers to take to the party.  she made roasted red pepper dip and I made bruschetta.  so delicious.

the party was a blast!  it was with 8 girls I work with and half brought apps and half brought wine to share.  then the host provided all the food for the main dish, sides and dessert and we all cooked it.  I definitely want to do it some evening with my friends, such a good idea!  we split into two groups and each made the same recipe.  and each group was divided up again into different steps.  

the host was so cute, her house was decorated to the nines and she had a bunch of little prizes for stuff like best apron, first spilled drink, last person left without cursing etc.  so much fun!  I wish I had taken pics but totally forgot.  if I do it with my friends (although my kitchen is tiny) I will for sure take lots!
Luke picked me up in town and we went to his friends house an played cards against humanity. holy frig I want to own that game! I have apples to apples and its like that but way more dirty or something. 


was a day of rest and relaxation.  slept in, then went to mom and dads for breaky with my niece then came back home for a nice couch nap with Smudge.

then went back into mom and dads for supper and a game of sequence. seriously one of my favourite games!

happy Monday!


Katrin said...

You and the cat look soooo cute! :)

Lin said...

Can't say I've ever been to a cooking party. Sounds like a ton of fun, especially if wine is involved. Love the photo of you with sleeping on the couch with your cat haha.