Friday, October 26, 2012

high five for friday

I haven't done a post like this in too long!  joining the lovely Lauren for another edition of high five for friday :)


I got a new job! from the job description it sounds as though this actually might be my dream job! it's everything I've worked towards for with my degree and the money is a great bonus!  
from the job description it sounds as though this might be right up my alley so here's hoping!

halloween is this weekend which means silly costumes, drinks, and a couple more drinks!  me and my friends are being a poker hand and the costumes turned out pretty decently.  we are not into the whole slutty this, sexy that, so it's just a white tee with felt on it.

I feel like I haven't seen Luke in forever.  I stayed at my sisters twice this week and when I was home he had hockey that evening.  going home tonight and even though he has hockey we are hanging out after and tomorrow night we are going out together so it will be nice to finally get some time in!

got a hair appointment after work this evening so now my work day is going to have to consist of scanning the net for hair ideas!  probably just get the same highlights as last time cuz I'm cool and creative like that.

 it's pay day! I've been living off like 7 bucks and my visa since Monday so having some cashola is saweeet!


Sam said...

Congrats on the new job, that's so exciting! I'm currently looking for a new job as well. And its payday for me too, i needed this day to come sooo bad my account is constantly decreasing by the day I hate it!

Enjoy your weekend!
Sam @ smallgrlbigworld

anna lizbeth said...

new job and pay day! sounds like a great friday :) enjoy

Unknown said...

Thank you! Your pic inspired me and my friends to make t-shirts and be a "Royal Flush!" Thank you thank you! And thanks for linking up, I would have never had such great inspiration come my way!

Understated Classics

Yesi @ Plan With Yesii said...

Hey Meg! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! It's on my page. Check it out!

xoxo Yesi <3

Katie said...

congrats on the new job!! and I'm with you on the halloween costumes!! i'm sure you will be a very cute ace! :)

Niken said...

congrats on your new job!!!
so lucky to have to do something that you dream of. plus that job pays you good too!

Katrin said...

Congratulations, dear! Awesome news! So happy for you!

Lin said...

Congratulations on the new job! You have no idea h ow great it is to see you're not dressing up in some slutty outfit. I swear, Halloween's just another excuse for adult women to dress like whores. It's like come on, try something original for goodness sake. Ha, I've been living off $20 for the last week and half & have to make it last til Friday morning, which is payday :/ Wish me luck.

meg said...

I hate living pay check to pay check! so brutal!
I tried to email you a reply but you don't have an address set to your account :(