Thursday, October 18, 2012

guest posting! & Random Thursday

I'm blogging at Clare's today!  If you want to see how my Thanksgiving was go check it out :)

This is my first random thursday post but I love the topic so I had to join!

1. The clothing!  Sweaters and scarves are my best friends.  And tall boots, love.

2. Homemade pumpkin spice muffins.  Sooooo yummy and I am going to do a recipe post for these too!  Too delicious not to share.

3. Halloween.  My friends and I are planning on doing a group costume and we were thinking either playing cards (like a poker hand or something) or ninja turtles.  Thoughts?

4. I'm stealing both of these from Linny, fall scents (pumpkin anything, cinnamon types) and tv shows.  Everything is back on and I am PUMPED!  Anyone watching the Vampire Diaries?  Damon and Stefan ar back and they are just as beautiful.

Happy Thursday!!


Yesi @ Plan With Yesii said...

I was ninja turtles a few years back with all my friends! It was a big hit! Everyones going to want to take pictures with you! Plus it could be a really cheep costume!!! You just but a bunch of green stuff and then whatever color each of you will be!!!

Happy Thursday!! <333

Lin said...

We had 2 days of cold weather a few weeks ago so I dug out all of my sweaters & scarves, only to have to put them away again because of this stupid heat wave :( I'm not a fan of living in SoCal right now.

The ninja turtles? I freaking love it! We still have some of the VHS' recordings of the cartoons haha. If you do it, you've got to take pictures for us!

Katrin said...

Ninja Turtles! I had a costume as a kid! Funny thing: they are called "Hero Turtles" in German!

Cocalores said...

Ha ha - Ninja Turtles is way better! I've been wearing sweatshirts and even more layers for weeks. Funnily, today was the first day for T-shirts again. I can hardly believe my luck!

Anonymous said...

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