Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 on tuesday

I want to start freezer cooking.  My sister is kind of just getting in to it and us along with a couple other girls at work have started bringing in lunches for each other.  But I never have time in the evenings and I'm a lazy ass come 6 pm.  I'd prefer to giver once a week or so and make a bunch of stuff that lasts awhile.  Any recipe suggestions that freeze well?

I made chilli yesterday and it was to die for!! Even my dad liked it, and he's picky.  Although he did say less peppers and more meat would be good but I thought it was perfect.  Like how good does that look?  Recipe to follow!

I found a new blog the other day by Kristin and she mentioned how she links up so much but that she hopes her readers don't think she's not being personal enough.  Same goes for me.  Ya I love link ups mainly because it gives me a start to my blog post but I honestly put a lot of effort into everything I write.  And I honestly I do write a lot of personal stuff, this place is kind of like an online diary although I may slightly tame it because my mommy reads it :)  Anyways I hope you don't think all the link ups are too much!  Thoughts on link ups, yay or nay?

I was at my sisters the other night after she put this little fart to bed who decided to get up an hour later. Best part though, she's full of cuddles this time of night!  And since she is constantly on the go, any cuddle is an awesome cuddle.

It's a 4 day work week!  And that's amazing right now.  After the long weekend having to travel to work again is killing me.  I am kind of wishing that I had just moved so the commute to work would be 5 minutes instead of 65 but I can't go back in time and I can't move right now.  And I do love being at home in the evenings.  Being 5 minutes from my niece, getting to have my parents over for dinner, etc.  But man I hate adding almost 3 hours onto my work day. 
Leave home at 7, get to work for 8:15, finish work at 4, home at 5:45 (at the earliest).  And I totally know I'm being a complete sulk over this.  I was the one that chose it but still I'm allowed to complain sometimes!

Speaking of the commute, I'm extremely grateful to have someone who drives me to and from work everyday for only 6 bucks a day.  However, there is really no need to have full on, in depth conversations first thing in the morning OR first thing after a long day at work.  I get the need to be friendly, I do, I'm a very friendly person, ask my mom.  But sometimes I just want to ask him to just shut up for a minute, I haven't even had my coffee yet, k?

It was Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend!  I'm hungry just looking at that food.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm blogging about it over on Clare's blog this week!  You'll have to keep checking throughout the week, not sure what day mine will be up.  Who would have thought I would ever be guest blogging! So honoured.

This happened last night.  I bought Smudge this toy hoping he would get an ounce of exercise from it. He usually just lays on it or sprawls beside it occasionally hitting the ball.  So Luke got down and tried to show him how to play and they just ended up in a staring contest.

I miss the internet so freakin bad its pathetic.  The only good part about my carpool giving me 30 minutes of free time after work is that my building has free internet.  But really between packing up my crap at the end of the day and walking to the parking garage I maybe get 15-20 mins of internet.  That is not nearly enough.  And my laptop feels like it weighs a thousand pounds when I have my purse and my lunch to carry so I'm wondering if it's worth it.

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Lin said...

1. I've heard about this & am very intrigued by it.
2. Um...yum! Share the recipe on here for us please.
3. Loved Kristin's post & I totally related to it too. I used to link up at least 4x a wk but I've limited it to only 2x a week. This way I force myself to actually write about stuff I come up with.
5. Cute picture.
6. Ugh, I hate commuting. I leave for work at 5am & get to work at 615am, then I get off at 445pm & dont get home til 630. It's horrid. Thank goodness I have Fri, Sat, Sun off.
7. This post is making hungry.
8. Me too! Cant wait to see what your post is about.
10. Bummer.

Thanks for linking up hon!