Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Holy hannah I miss blogging.  Just got back from TO last night then had to work all day today and then this evening I found out I have to be out of my house this weekend.  It's basically falling down around me and just found out the basement is flooded.  So I called my soon to be landlord and asked if we could move in Friday and she gave us the go ahead which is pretty sweet.  But going to be crazy hectic considering I will be gone for 10 hours every day until then!  Thank goodness for Luke or it would never get done.

So considering my life is going to be crazy for the next little bit I won't be writing until next week!  Check out my blog love page for some amazing blogs to read though :)

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Lin said...

Holy cow, it's like you're being punished for having had fun on your trip haha. Glad you're able to move in sooner than expected. Good luck w/all that moving!