Thursday, September 27, 2012

thursday thoughts

I haven't had internet in far too long but I am staying over at my sister's tonight so I'm doing the best I can to catch up on everyone's blogs!

Sarah's has to be one of my favourites so I knew I should do a quick little thursday thoughts post!

I'm so tired.  All the time.  I started a new job last week and it's an hour away from home so the drive sucks big time.  And I get off at 3:30 but I carpool and he's not off until 4 and it usually takes a half hour for him to pick me up/get out of the city.  So I'm off at 3:30 and don't get home until 5:30.  Sucks.

Grey's Anatomy starts tonight! Super pumped.  Although the show has definitely gone downhill the last couple seasons.

I love my new little house.  I don't have any pictures yet but I definitely want to do a little house tour ish post.  It's really small and it came furnished so not a lot of the decor is mine but I am adding my own touch to it.

Lin's doing a link up for the movie swap tomorrow on her blog and I can't wait to read what everyone got!  I'm super nervous though that my package sucks... hopefully Clare likes it!  I didn't get mine yet but it's coming from the other side of the world so I'm not worried that it's lost just yet.

I cannot even think right now! I think these are all my thoughts for the day...

Happy Thursday!

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Sar said...

Cna't wait to see your movie (I didn't join up with the movie swap 'cuz I'm way too picky)! Also, totally psyched to see your new house. I love getting ideas from others!

So glad you finally have internet! :)