Thursday, September 6, 2012

thursday thoughts

Second last day of work!  Pretty excited to be done here.  Loved this job in the spring but July and August has been brutally slow.  Fingers crossed I get the casual position I'm hoping for!  and I have a phone interview Monday so fingers crossed for that one too!

big brother's on tonight!  slightly obsessed with this show. Canyatell!

I've started knitting again.  Need to get some items up on my etsy shop before winter!  I found this knitted cuff in my stash.

Personally I love it.  Thoughts?

Four days until Toronto!!  Cannot wait to go and drink and eat and wander around downtown Toronto!  We are hoping to go to the Safari and the Comedy Club but other then that just eat out, drink lots, and have a good time.

Katie's semi walking!!  On Sunday my sisters and I sat in a triangle and she walked between us.  She was giving her and was so proud of herself after every step!  I feel like any day she will be running around by herself.  Here's a ridiculously cute video of her :)

My brother is moving out west tomorrow which sucks but he will be able to come home whenever which is good!  We all went out to eat last night at a really nice restaurant last night.  The service kind of sucked but the food was fantastic.

Tonight I am going out to eat again with a friend I haven't hung out with in a while so that should be fun!

I think that's all for now!  Happy Thursday!!


Lin said...

That cuff's so pretty, love the color. Sorry to hear about your brother moving. My brothers & I are pretty close, I'd be so bummed if they moved away.

Sar said...

You knitted a bracelet?! LOVE it! It looks adorable! I bet it'd look super cute if you used some sock yarn and tiny needles. Love it!

Boooo for borthers moving, but yay for yummy restaurants. I think the service has to suck at fancy restaurants so you can feel like you're one of the elite few. It's part of the experience. ;)

Hope you're having a great Thursday, Meg!

Victoria said...

that cuff is adorable!1

your niece is so sweet and precious;they grow up too fast!

great blog you have!

Tif said...

Love the cuff! Very cool! Found you thru the Followers to Friends blog hop! Happy New Follower!

Ramblings of a Southern Belle

meg said...

Thanks Tif, you're blog is so cute!!
I love it, can't wait to go look around!

meg said...

Thanks Victoria!

meg said...

Sock yarn would be awesome! You'd be able to see the detail really good... good thinkin