Saturday, September 22, 2012

the list - 3

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Describe your relationship with your parents.

My parents rock.  They were always my biggest supporters in whatever I did.  And being the fourth child in the house, my siblings put them through all that fun stuff teenagers do so I think I got it kind of easy. 

Growing up, I was totally a daddy's girl.  I wanted to hang out with him constantly and be just like him when I grew up.  He was the one who taught me how to shoot a basketball and pitch a softball.  I actually used to think he wished I was a boy haha.  He was one of my biggest supporter when it came to sports.  He hardly ever missed a game.  Most of our talks were based around which sport I was/going to be playing.  

Without a doubt we don't have a perfect relationship.  We are both way too stubborn for our own good and both need to have the last word, and we are both always right.  We butt heads more then I'd like.  I guess we are too much alike in that sense.

I think I'll always kind of be a daddy's girl though.

My mom is my best friend.  Sounds totally cliche but it's true.  And no we don't have a perfect relationship (we have gotten into our fair share of arguments) but she's always the person I go to for anything. 

 Any ailment or heartbreak or anything she is the first to know.  And she's got my back regardless.  If I have any sickness whatsoever I call my mom and list off my symptoms and do whatever she tells me to.  My sister and I joke that this commercial describes us perfectly.  She is totally the person that stands up for her kids no matter what.  No one talks shit about us to our mom.  

She's always been there for me.  Living away from home I missed her so much but she was just a phone call or email away.  And she always listened.  Even if I was being ridiculous.  But she never hesitated to give me her opinion, good or bad.  Which I value so much.  Any problem I have I'm always asking  "well would you?  should I? what do you think?" and I know she'll be honest.

She's one of the most amazing people I know and I'm so so lucky to have the relationship with her that we do now.

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Katrin said...

Aww, I love this post! Your parents sound awesome and it was so much fun to see all the pictures of you and your parents!

Mallory Baker said...

Sounds pretty much like me and my parents. Love it! :)