Friday, September 28, 2012

random.. blog love

not that I'm having a bad day or anything but it was one of those days that was just long and dragging and I couldn't wait for it to be over so I could be on my way home. then this afternoon I got the sweetest email ever from a new blog friend Katrin.

like seriously. I know it's not a huge deal to a lot of people but this girl consistently reads my posts and always has the sweetest things to say! and her blog is amazing. it's one of those random blogs that throw a little bit of everything into it and every post is different. I mean, I love themed blogs and you know of you need something specific you go there but I really love that I never know what I'm gonna get with her!
I don't have Internet yet and don't love reading off my iPhone (which I'm posting this from) so I'm counting down the days until I get to creep the hell out of her blog again.
anyways, super random but I had to share her love with everyone!
happy Friday and cheers to the freakin weekend!!


Katrin said...

Aww....dear...I don't know what to say. I am speechless and that doesn't happen very often! You are the sweetest and you made me tear up (that doesn't happen very often either by the way. not in the good way at least). I am so glad that we have met in blogland and I am endlessly happy that I have found such a great friend in you! I hope you will get your internet back soon! Thanks again for making me smile! You rock! Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie! Hugs!

Chelsea said...

Hey! I'm your newest follower! So glad that I found your blog! I read Katrin's blog too and really appreciate sweet comments. They seriously just make my day.

Tamara said...

Blogging from a phone is horrible, I've been there & done that so I feel your pain! Most of my blogs are done from work on my breaks because I don't have the internet at our house.