Sunday, September 9, 2012

photo a day


I don't have a picture for Sunday... I may or may not have laid on the couch all day with a minor hangover... 


Lukas and I grabbed an ice cream and went down to the wharf to enjoy them with this beautiful sunset.


I was relaxing on the couch after work when this guy wanted some cuddles.


I sadly realized that I wouldn't get to enjoy this amazing view on my way to work after this week.  This picture doesn't even do this view justice.  It is so beautiful up east, potato fields and the ocean go on for miles.


Luke was packing (he went away for the weekend) and Smudge wanted to go with him.

I went to my sisters to watch The Lucky One (not amazing but not horrible, I'm still drooling over Zac Efron) and Rocco joined us.  This guy is the biggest cuddle bug ever.


Hung out with this beautiful girl all day Saturday!  

Everyday with the Jays

Another great week!

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