Sunday, September 30, 2012

september favourites

Happy October!!
I think I am going to start doing a little monthly favourites series and since September just ended it's perfect timing! Basically it is just going to be a random list of everything I am loving for the month :)


Pretty random I know but since I started my new job I am able to have headphones in and listen to music or books or whatever so I'm loving that I get to listen to books all day! Audiobooks are super expensive (like $30 for new releases) so getting them for free from the library is pretty much the best thing ever. Currently reading the 3rd Gossip Girl book which I read in high school but forgot so much stuff about them.


These boots. Technically I only got them last night but c'mon they are adorable. And they were only $30 so ya can't go wrong.


Wine. And these wine glasses. I made them awhile ago and they are still just as good as the day I made them. I was nervous the glitter would chip off over time but they are still perfect. And the glitter doesn't come off when you're using them either.


A lot of the decor/furniture in my new place (it came furnished) is a total hit or miss. But this side table is awesome. I love old suitcases and especially when they are stacked for a cute table.


Reese Puffs are my all time fav cereal snack. Don't love them for breakfast because they are a little too sweet and chocolatey first thing in the morning. 


And of course this little fart who tries to wreck my pictures… 


Cheapest eye liner that I have ever found to work so well. It was $3 and stays on all day. I am not a huge make up wearer (usually just the basics) so I don't go for high end expensive stuff. Obviously I would love to but I can't justify spending $20 for an eyeliner.


Annd the best for last... this girl is obviously my all time favourite but her hair in the bath the other day definitely has to make this list. Her expressions pretty priceless too.

Alrighty that's it I think, happy first day of October!! 

PS. I would love to see any favourites you have so if you do a post like this leave me the link in the comments!


Katrin said...

Awesome, I love your list! I will make one too soon!
I am a huge fan of old suitcases! I found one at the flea market for really cheap and I am so in love with it. I use it as a book"shelf".
And the cat picture is so cute! :))

Chelsea said...

Yes to the shoes! So cute!

Lin said...

Those boots & wine glasses are way too cute. And, that last photo...dude, could she be any cuter?! Love the look on her face.