Friday, September 7, 2012

high five for friday


Beautiful flowers for my last day of work from my boss and coworkers :)  They smell just as good as they look and who wouldn't love that sticker!  Very nice last day.


T-minus 3 days until I will be in the vicinity of these bad boys!  Really hope we get to the Safari when we are in Toronto.  Cannot wait.

We found a house to rent!  It is the cutest little cottage (and I mean little!) but it's 2 bedroom which is perfect for us.  We can have the second room for basically all my junk!  It comes fully furnished which has pros and cons.  Pros being we don't have to bring anything except our clothes, cons being some of it isn't exactly my style and I won't really get to do much decorating.  Yesterday at lunch I mentioned to my coworker that we were looking for a place and five minutes later I was on the phone with a friend of a friend who had a spot!  Love this small town :)


Got these in the mail yesterday from these lovely ladies!  Love mail so that was the first bonus, and these were just as cute as I thought they would be!  Have one in right now.

It's Friday!  That pretty much deserves it's own number considering it is almost the weekend, I get to hang out with my niece and sister this evening and then our other sister comes up Sunday for a sleepover/hangout/BB watch.


Have a good weekend yo!


Jennifer Lynn said...

I love your blog! I found you on the link up. I'm your newest follower :o)

meg said...

thanks Jennifer! I'm heading to yours now :)

Kasey said...

here from H54F. Such a cute blog! I'm loving this linking up and finding new blogs :)

Amber said...

Hi! Dropping by from H54F!

First of all, I LOVE the title of your blog! How cleaver and funny! Second, those are beautiful flowers! How thoughtful of your coworkers. Good luck on the move!

Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

yay for finding a house! that's so exciting!

happy friday!

xoxo, sarah grace

Lin said...

I love getting flowers, they always smell so good. You know, until they die & then they pretty much stink :/ Enjoy them while they last.

Yay for finding a place to rent!