Thursday, September 27, 2012

fill in the blank friday

Fill in the blank with Lauren this week!

1.  Something I am very proud of is my sister.  Man that sounded lame as soon as I wrote it haha but it's true!  I just think she's the best mom ever and her husband has to go away for work for a month at a time so she kind of has to play the part of a single mom.  And my niece is amazing and pretty much the smartest little girl ever (I swear I'm not biased!) so she's doing a pretty kick ass job.

2.  My favorite thing about myself is um this one's kind of hard!  I like my hair I guess.  Got blond in it for the first time a couple weeks ago and I love it!

3.  My favorite color for fall is orang-y reds.  Not that I wear it a lot, reds not really my colour.  But I just love the bright leaf colours of fall.

4. Something I've been learning lately is that figuring out your dream job is super hard.  I have a job now that I really like but I don't know if I love it or if it's something I want to do forever.

5. A book I am reading now/have read recently is Defending Jacob by William Landay.  I totally random find through the library website and I loved it!

6. My favorite Pandora Station is have never listened ever...

7.  This weekend I will be going out with all my friends to hear a local artist play, he just released another album so we have to go support his awesomeness.

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Katrin said...

I love fall colors too. Everything looks so pretty at fall!
Great post!