Tuesday, September 4, 2012

best of... tunes

I've been watching Luke Conard's youtube videos for awhile now, mostly his personal vlogs.  Every now and then he does a cover of a song and I just fall in love.  This is an oldie but it just came on my iPod so I thought I'd share :)


Check out Luke's channels here and here.
Check out Austin's channels here and here.


Yesi @ Plan With Yesii said...

I found you through the friends blog hop! New follower and a new friend lol (:

I love luke and austin! I watch all their videos! Have you heard of Tyler Ward?! He's also from youtube. I love him as well! You should check him out you might like him!

Anyways, Hope to keep in touch <3

Yesi @ For Miami and Love

Unknown said...

I love your blog name. Nice play on your name :) I'm following you now from the Friends to Followers Blog Hop :)


Chelsea said...

I have never heard of Luke Conrad before - I really like that song! Thanks for being my 100th follower; I have given your blog a shout out on my newest post! :)

stlavonlady said...

Love this song! I have never heard of Luke Conard or Landon Austin before. I am going to check out more of their songs. Love the name of your blog. So fun!

By the way...How did you get the "Reply" on each comment? I cannot see how to do that. Thanks!

Julie from Stlavonlady – Scatterbrained In St. Louis