Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I'm in Toronto, Ontario! Lukas' brothers live here and they flew us up as a graduation present. so incredibly grateful and pumped to be here.

2. the weather is supposed to be beautiful here and it's been shit back home. there's like the tail end of hurricanes and it's been raining constantly so seeing sunshine is pretty sweet.

3. Lukas' brother's girlfriend has a cat Rayne and he is the cutest! so friendly, love having a cat to cuddle with up here. missing Smudge though.

4. I can't believe it's been 11 years since the 9/11 attacks. I was in grade 7 and my normally funny, goofy teacher told us about them. crazy.

5. my aunt is flying home today from British Columbia so it sucks that I'm missing her for the first few days of her trip but she is around for 2 weeks so I will see lots of her when I get home.

6. I think the movie swap partners are going to be announced soon so I can't wait for that!

7. I had a job interview yesterday before we flew out and it went alright. I have an in person one next Wednesday. but they said its going to be all behavioral questions like "give an example of a time when you ..." and I hate those ones! I can never think of an example! and the interviews expected to be 2 hours. barf.

8. Katie is going to be walking any day now on her own. my selfish self doesn't want her to do when I'm away.

9. I watched what to expect when you're expecting on the flight up and it was hilarious! go watch it if you haven't.

10. I think I'm all out of ideas. and energy. I'm starved so I gotta go on the hunt for breakfast. hate rooting through other peoples cupboards but it's about to be done!

happy Tuesday!!


Katrin said...

Have a wonderful time, dear! The cat is sooooo adorable! Good luck for the interview also! You will rock it!

Lin said...

1. Fun! Hope you're having a blast.
4. Oh goodness, I think I was a jr in HS...I feel SO old.
6. Yep, they were sent out this morning & I think you already know who you have :) Hope you have fun shopping.
7. I'm absolutely awful at interviews & those questions...ugh, they're torture.
9. I wanted to see it in theaters but people said it sucked. Maybe I'll check it out after all :)

Thanks for linking up, sweets!