Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend round up

another monday, another week. had a fantastic weekend. bbq saturday was a huge success, my orange slice jello shots turned out not bad!

spent sunday relaxing on the beach with my sisters, mom and Katie.  absolutely adore lazy sundays.  my sister and I got caught in a bit of a current which was super freaky.  that's never happened before and it was really scary.  looking back it's not like we would have died or anything, but not having any control was such a weird sensation.  I need to get back in the water though so I don't psych myself out for next summer.

I'm so excited for this week! My sister and her husband are going away so they asked me to babysit Katie for the week!  I have to work all day so she will be at daycare but I get to hang out with her evenings, nights and mornings.  I've never babysat for more then a couple hours so it will be totally different but I'm really excited. I'm sure I will have tons of pictures of Katie to share this week!

I recently caught up on a post series Mallory is doing called the list.  I'm considering starting it!  It seems like a cute way to kind of get to know people but some of the questions seem intense! 

happy monday!

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