Thursday, August 23, 2012

thursday thoughts


it is beautiful out. what I would give to be laying on a beach this afternoon.


I hate job stress. not that my job is stressful. but the fact that it may or may not end at any time is and the fact that I may or may not have another one is too.


I envy every single person who is able to live without a plan. I would love to know exactly what is happening in the future.


my iphone needs to eff off. works perfectly one minute, zero service the next.  it's sad that I honestly don't think I could live with out an iphone for an extended period of time.


Smudge's thoughts - "mom, why the eff is my dish empty this morning?"

* I'm linking up with the hilarious Sarah here!


Sar said...

Ditto with the plan! I like know what things I should be doing and where I'm going at all times!

Tamara said...

So, I have to tell you - I totally LOLed at the title of your blog. I was like, I have to click on this girl and see what's going on [from Sar's Thursday Thought link up!] Too funny!
Your cat - cuteness! And Smudge as a name? Love it!

Katie said...

I so agree with a plan! I switched jobs recently and have been getting my schedule the WEEK BEFORE. I'm getting married in October an have SO many things to get on the calendar and I can't because I don't have my schedule! SO FRUSTRATINGGGG!! :)

...end rant.

Nice to meet you through the blog world! :)