Saturday, August 25, 2012

friday funday

I'm having a super exciting friday night.  the boy is out doing boy things so I have the house to myself!

I got a new phone today!  got a white one and its oh so pretty, much better then the black one and it actually has service everywhere it's supposed to.

everyone's seen this pin before right?

every pin I could find had no proper source so if you know it please share!

well, I'm having an end of summer BBQ tomorrow and thought I should try these out.

it took me forever to figure out how much vodka to put in but I decided to go with this advice - 3 tbs water to every 5 tbs vodka.

mine are definitely not that pretty...  this is what they looked like going into the fridge...

I just don't think they are going to turn out as pretty as the ones on pinterest.  as long as they taste good!

as mentioned above, bbq is tomorrow so I also spent the evening slicing up a hundred onions to fry up for burgers (well maybe not 100 but it felt like it)

also finished off the last of the chicken enchilada dip I made the other day.  om nom.

and I'm currently watching bring it on.  ya I'm super cool.  

happy weekend!

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