Friday, August 3, 2012

diy: make your shoes smaller

I never wear heels! Ever.  So with a wedding come up I decided to break in one of my favourite pairs.  Lo and behold they are a touch too big.  So being the cheapo I am I grabbed some foam I had lying around and decided to make little inserts for them.

It was a super easy project that just takes a little time.  I don't think they will really be done until I wear them for awhile and might have to do some trimming so the foam doesnt show through.

1. These are peep toes so they were pretty easy to make.  Roll up some paper and put it into the toe.
2. Trace the outline you want.
3. Trim it and put it back into the shoe to make sure it works.
4. I taped it to the foam to hold in place and cut out my stencil.

5. I did the same for the heel, this time using brown so it was easier to see.
6. I made two for the heel because the foam is pretty thin.

From the first picture you can see some black poking through the toe but I'm going to leave it until the day of the wedding and then trim it up.  Also, I'm thinking some double sided tape would be perfect and would hold everything in place.

Let me know if this idea works for a pair of shoes you need smaller :)

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