Friday, August 31, 2012

fill in the blank friday

I love link ups!  Can you tell?  I'm a new blogger so finding stuff to write about is hard.  I always think that whatever I come up with myself will be stupid or boring so I love link ups!  They tell you what to say :)

I'm trying out Lauren's link up 'fill in the blank friday'.  Let's see how it goes shall we.

1.  Over this labor day weekend I will be  babysitting until Saturday night/Sunday morning and hopefully getting to the beach Sunday and Monday!  and relaxing, and doing as little as possible.

2.  With the political debates going on right now, my thoughts are  not really applicable because I'm Canadian and have not been following the US election whatsoever!  although, props to Obama for supporting gay marriage.

3.  Today I am figuring out what I need to draw unemployment on the off chance that this casual position doesn't work out.
4. The best thing I've cooked recently was ... does reheating my take out from yesterday count?  I haven't cooked anything in awhile but my mom made enchiladas and brought them over the other day.  it was my suggestion so that counts right?

5. The last thing I bought was a bagel this morning.  everything bagel toasted with plain cream cheese, mmmmmm.

6. The best movie I saw this summer was maybe friends with benefits?  I know it's kind of old but I just saw it for the first time a couple weeks ago.  I can't think of any other movies I've watched lately.. 

7.  The best book I read this summer was the 50 shades trilogy.  first book was meh but second and third were awesome!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

what's in my... iphone!

I'm a nose bag.  Those youtube videos like 'what's in my purse' or 'what's in my closet' or cabinet or under the bed or anything! I like them.  I like seeing how other people do things.  What they think is necessary to have where.  It's weird I know.

Another type of 'what's in my...' that I like is 'what's on my iphone'.  So I figured maybe there are other curious georges out there that might want to know what's on my iphone.  I was going to give descriptions about all the apps but that would take way too long so here are my screen shots to show you the apps I have at the moment.

* I just got my new iPhone about a week ago so it's still not completely organized!  and I'm the type of person that I delete an app after a couple days if I'm not using it.

thursday thoughts

linking up with Sarah!


holy guacamole!! big brother.  wow.  dan is the man.  if you're not watching this show go and download it and watch it all right now before the live show airs tonight because it just got CRAZY!!

as for pretty little liars.  can't believe that's A!  I suspected it maybe last season or the first of this one but then they completely went off my radar of being A. seriously.  watch this show guys. it's whack.


I love the blogging world.  Seriously.  waking up to a couple new followers, and so many nice comments (and by so many, I mean I've only gotten a couple but still!) is so nice!  I'm not a very interesting person so to have a couple people actually want to read this blog everyday is really nice!


Katie didn't get up until 6:20 today and usually I have to carry her or walk her the entire morning leaving very little time for me to get my own stuff done.  not this morning!  she just sat in the living room and played with my purse.  you wouldn't think that would be very fun but she just took everything out, crinkled what she could, shook anything that made noise and just had a great time!  definitely an awesome morning.


I have chicken enchiladas for lunch (had em for supper last night too) and they are currently in the microwave and I'm so excited to eat em.  you need to try this recipe.


so work laid me off.  well is laying me off.  on September 7th it will be my last day!  I loved this job in May and June, working over 50 hours a week and was able to bank some cash.  July and August was a little less fun.  I work at a fish processing plant so the summer months are brutally slow!  Time went by sooo slowly but I was very lucky they actually kept me on.
my job from last summer might have a casual position though so that would be sweet! *fingers crossed*


I have the best 'pretty much' in-laws ever!  Lukas' brothers are flying us up to Toronto for a week as a graduation gift!  we are looking at flights right now and thinking on leaving the 10th and coming back the 16th.  cannot wait!  I won't have much spending money but I can't pass up a free trip.  and they have a room for us in their apartment so accomodations are free too!


I'm literally counting down the minutes until picking Katie up!  she's not a big fan of getting dropped off at daycare but picking her up is the best.  so many hugs and loves :)

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

new digs

just a quick little update to let everyone know I've changed my twitter, email and intagram.

tweet me @meaghanmecrazy5
instagram me @meaghanmecrazy5
email me at

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 on tuesday

1. Katie got up up at 5:30 this morning.  that's early.  and I tossed and turned all night because I wasn't at home=unfamiliar bed and I kept thinking I wasn't going to hear her wake up.

2. pretty little liars season finale is tonight!!! ya, it deserves to be a size bigger and bold.  it's the best freakin show on tv right now.

3. I've recently become addicted to big brother season  - all stars.  and by recently I mean yesterday.  and by addicted I mean I am already past the third eviction.  that's about 9 episodes in 2 days...

4. work is slooooowwwwwww... I have one task to do today and because I'm so used to not doing anything, I'm too lazy to do it.  

5. there potentially a work opportunity at the place I was at last year (where my sister currently works) and I want it!  I had one phone call with the boss and she said she'd get back to me but that was thursday and now I'm getting antsy.

6. I put off drinking my redbull (ya, ya I know its bad for me, boo who) until at least 1:30 so that it can keep me going until 4.  it's currently 1:20 and I feel like time is crawling.

7. I'm super pumped to put Katie to bed tonight.  obviously I'm pumped for the hanging out part this evening and getting to play for a couple hours but she's so busy lately that when it comes time for bed she's so cuddly!  she barely wants to be held anymore, she just constantly wants to be walking around (which is awesome too!) but I love bedtime when I get to feed her and have some cuddles.

8. similar to 7 - this morning I got to start the day cuddling while she had her bottle.  best half hour ever.

9. I'm craving chicken enchiladas. like now.

10. this list is kind of hard.  I'm realizing how not exciting I am.... so I will leave you with this..

Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend round up

another monday, another week. had a fantastic weekend. bbq saturday was a huge success, my orange slice jello shots turned out not bad!

spent sunday relaxing on the beach with my sisters, mom and Katie.  absolutely adore lazy sundays.  my sister and I got caught in a bit of a current which was super freaky.  that's never happened before and it was really scary.  looking back it's not like we would have died or anything, but not having any control was such a weird sensation.  I need to get back in the water though so I don't psych myself out for next summer.

I'm so excited for this week! My sister and her husband are going away so they asked me to babysit Katie for the week!  I have to work all day so she will be at daycare but I get to hang out with her evenings, nights and mornings.  I've never babysat for more then a couple hours so it will be totally different but I'm really excited. I'm sure I will have tons of pictures of Katie to share this week!

I recently caught up on a post series Mallory is doing called the list.  I'm considering starting it!  It seems like a cute way to kind of get to know people but some of the questions seem intense! 

happy monday!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

best of... postsecret

postsecret is a blog created by Frank Warren.  people are invited to mail in their secrets and each week Frank chooses 20 and puts them up on Sunday.  one of my favourite things to do is check them every Sunday.

this is my favourite this week.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

friday funday

I'm having a super exciting friday night.  the boy is out doing boy things so I have the house to myself!

I got a new phone today!  got a white one and its oh so pretty, much better then the black one and it actually has service everywhere it's supposed to.

everyone's seen this pin before right?

every pin I could find had no proper source so if you know it please share!

well, I'm having an end of summer BBQ tomorrow and thought I should try these out.

it took me forever to figure out how much vodka to put in but I decided to go with this advice - 3 tbs water to every 5 tbs vodka.

mine are definitely not that pretty...  this is what they looked like going into the fridge...

I just don't think they are going to turn out as pretty as the ones on pinterest.  as long as they taste good!

as mentioned above, bbq is tomorrow so I also spent the evening slicing up a hundred onions to fry up for burgers (well maybe not 100 but it felt like it)

also finished off the last of the chicken enchilada dip I made the other day.  om nom.

and I'm currently watching bring it on.  ya I'm super cool.  

happy weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2012

high five for friday


(1) finally got my hair cut and colored Tuesday
(2) woke up to this fat guy laying half on my pillow this morning
(3) I have the cutest neice.  ever.
(4) I think I have finally decided to splurge for this guy.  read about my phone troubles here.
(5) caught a little sun yesterday after work.  I wish I had a job that required laying out!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

big brother

holy crap.  if you're not watching big brother this season get off this blog and go download it!

tonight is a double eviction and holy intense!!!

thursday thoughts


it is beautiful out. what I would give to be laying on a beach this afternoon.


I hate job stress. not that my job is stressful. but the fact that it may or may not end at any time is and the fact that I may or may not have another one is too.


I envy every single person who is able to live without a plan. I would love to know exactly what is happening in the future.


my iphone needs to eff off. works perfectly one minute, zero service the next.  it's sad that I honestly don't think I could live with out an iphone for an extended period of time.


Smudge's thoughts - "mom, why the eff is my dish empty this morning?"

* I'm linking up with the hilarious Sarah here!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

wordless wednesday

updated blog button help!

okay, yesterday I spent about an hour making that post about how to make a blog button, and today I found a website that basically does it for you!

follow the steps I provided to edit your button through Picmonkey, as well as upload it to Photobucket, then go here and just type in what it asks for and it will generate the code for you! Genius.

* where it asks for Code Container's width, I changed it from Auto to 125 pixels, it worked better for my site.

you're meaghan me crazy

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to make a blog button

As a new blogger, making a button has been one of my top priorities.  After some research I found out how and wanted to share!  There are tons of sites out there that will walk you through the steps but here is my version.

What you need:
A blog!
A picture you want to use as the button
Simple (plain) text editor (I used Notepad)

Step 1:

Find the picture you want to use and open it in Picmonkey

I had to resize mine because it was so large.

Crop it to be 125 x 125 (this is the recommended size for a button)

Then play around until you get it the way you want!

Step 2:

Upload your photo to Photobucket

When you highlight your picture a drop down menu appears.

Click Direct Link and it will automatically copy it for you

Step 3: The Code

After you have copied the direct link to your picture, open up Notepad (or whichever plain text editor you have) and copy it there.  Mine looks like this.

Okay, time for the code, don't freak out, it's easy!!

You are going to copy and paste the below into your plain text editor.

<img src="YourImageDirectLink" alt="YourBlogTitle" /><div style="width: 125px; height: 125px; overflow: auto; border: 1px solid #666666;">&lt;a href=&#34;YourBlogLink&#34; target=&#34;_self&#34;&gt;&lt;img src=&#34; YourImageDirectLink &#34; alt=&#34; YourBlogTitle &#34; width=&#34;125&#34; height=&#34;125&#34; /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;</div>

Replace YourImageDirectLink with the link you copied from Photobucket.
Replace YourBlogTitle with none other then your blog title!
Replace YourBlogLink to your blog URL.

You may have to double check the quotation marks.  If they are the ones with a curl (") they won't work for HTML.  They have to be the ones that are straight up and down (").  If you delete them in your plain text editor and re type them, they will be the straight ones.

Step 4: Adding it to your blog

Open up blogger and go to the Layout tab.  Select Add a Gadget from the sidebar.

Scroll down until you see HTML/JavaScript and select it.

Copy and paste the code you just created in the plain text editor.

Save it and then go check out what your button looks like!

This is mine :)

Now people visiting your blog can grab your button and put it on their blog to show they love it!

If this works for you I'd love to know and if it doesn't I'd love to know too!  Leave a comment below and I will do my best to try and help :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

blog love

My iPhone has been out of commission for the last week but I've also been on vacation and am slightly loving the amount of freedom I have without it.  However, I do miss being caught up on the real world!

I've decided to do a new best of for my favourite blogs at the moment!

In no particular order....

1.  Oh So Pretty the Diaries

Casey and Savannah are two girls from Tennessee and their blog is adorable.  They just changed their layout and although I liked there last one better, Savannah is extremely talented when it comes to blog designs.  Their DIY's have to be my favourites though, or their Pinterest posts.

I understand a lot of what Alyssa is going through.  We are both recent grads around the same age and I get a lot of the things she is going through.  I just found her blog so I have a lot more exploring to do.

Henry happened is a really fun blog about life after kids and how life changing it can be.  Although I don't have kids and therefore don't really understand what she is going through, I love her DIY section.

I Still Love You is about a mom who again, didn't want to lose herself and her love for "all things creative" after having kids.  I love this blog.  It's so fun and Melissa's tutorials are really easy to follow.

5. MallyKally Creations

Mallory has a bunch of cute tutorials on her site too.  My most recent favourite is her iPad cover.  I might have to try this for my Kindle!