Friday, July 27, 2012

diy: tie dye

I've been wanting to tie dye something for awhile now so last night I finally went to the store and bought some!

I couldn't be happier with what I ended up with!

I started with a clean white tank top that was getting a little shabby looking.  Pinched the center and started twisting.

Next, you grab some elastics and wrap them around to create wedges.  This is the guideline for where the color goes.

Then prepare the dye!  I used Tintex only because I'm from a small town and it was my only option.  I really don't know what else is out there but it worked really well! 

I filled 6 baby food bottles with the hot water and sprinkled some powder in.  I made one red, blue, yellow, and pink.  Then I mixed blue and red to get purple and yellow and red to get some orange.

Since I didn't want a mess, I made this makeshift dish out of tin foil to catch any excess dye.  Then I started pouring different colors.  I tried to keep the darks and lights mixed up a bit.

I wrapped them in saran wrap and left them for about an hour (enough time to grab dinner).  Then I rinsed them in cold water and just kept sqeezing them gently until the water was pretty much clear.  Then I threw them in the washer one at a time and hung to dry and voila, they were done!


Deb said...

Enjoyed your blog. Your tie dye is wonderful. I think I will try it again. I hope I get your results. Thanks for sharing.

meg said...

Thanks Deb!