Tuesday, July 24, 2012

blog crazy

I think the hardest part about a blog is the creating part.  I keep editing, changing, rearranging every single part about this place and I keep forgetting that one of the most important things is the content!

It doesn't matter how beautiful it is, it has to have something interesting to read (contrary to this post...).

I've decided to take a break from the editing and just write.

I'm an extremely creative person.  However, my ideas are few and far between.  And right now I'm living in a house that I only plan to be here for a few months and haven't really had the time or the energy to unpack and organize all my supplies.

This is what my craft room looked like during the school year when I lived in my apartment.  I got the metal rack from Walmart for about $80 a few years ago and then picked up 6 white tubs from the dollar store for $2 each.  I normally wouldn't spend that much just to hold my crafts but the rack was a gift.

I now HATE these tubs!!  They are just way too big and everything gets lost in the bottom of them.  If you head over to Karen's blog about her craft room you will see my dream room!

One of the things I love about hers and wish I had done was get a bunch of small tubs instead of a few large ones.

Also check out this magnetic board.  Definitely on my to do list!

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