Monday, February 13, 2012

My First Pinterest Attempt

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I must have sifted through hundreds of pins on Pinterest before deciding on my first project.  Since I just finished school and just started a new job (no pay check yet) I wanted the cheapest project.  I went with the melted crayons on a canvas (found here).
This is my finished product...

Read after the jump to learn how I did mine!

I bought all my supplies at the Dollarama:

  • $2 white canvas
  • 2 or 3 packs of 24 of Crayola crayons (depending on your color choice and how many in the pack you aren't going to use)
  • White school glue
In total it was $5-7, totally worth it!

First, I laid out my crayons to make sure how many I needed and arranged the colours for a rainbow.  I opted to leave the wrappers on (my friend made one and took the wrappers off, still looked awesome but it does squish the crayons a bit).

Then I glued them on with the white glue and the fun began!

The total process took about 15 minutes, here it is in fast forward:

And that's it!

Super easy, super simple, super cheap!

What was your first Pinterest project?

xoxo, Meg


Sil said...

Great project!

meg said...

Thanks Silvana!